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The Temple of A'ran Dur
Normally, this page will not include maps from my personal campaigns. I craft and create maps specifically for the needs of the patrons. However, given that my Aer campaign just ended this week, I thought it would be fitting to include the map that started that entire campaign. I present to you: The Temple of A'ran Dur (remade to look better than my original notes of course). The Temple of A'ran Dur. It is an ancient temple with a forgotten purpose. Now, paladins of Aer make yearly journeys to pay homage to the Shield of Aer, for this is where it was shattered. Some walls have started to crumble but many remain in good condition. Four rooms represent the four gods of Aer. Each room contains statues and tapestries of the gods and their disciples. The main hall has an altar to all four, flanked by two stone statues of angelic guardians. Their eyes watch the stairs that lead down into the dungeon. What could be down there?