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The Temple of Chag
Not all spider gods are the loathsome, jealous and backstabbing Lolth. This is a temple to Chag, a spider god with eight different aspects that are worshiped both separately and as a united whole. Chag and his children the chagmat (a race of spider-like humanoids) were introduced in a module in the pages of Dragon magazine number 63. (I also talked about the module on my blog during my first Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign in 2014).

But before the war against the chagmat that leads to the classic module, the worship of Chag was more visible and I love the idea of the spider-people trying to fit in with society. So here we have an eight-legged temple of Chag set in a lovely garden environment that can be plunked down in a city or a more remote location. I pictured it as a quiet retreat from the bustle of the city, with a light lunch being offered to the noble adventurers as they sit on the raised balcony attached to the gazebo out back and look over the reflecting pool towards the small shrine half hidden among the tries.

Most visitors to the temple would only see the entrance stairs and the central domed room where public ceremonies are held. The truly faithful are invited back on rare occasion for more ornate (and longer) ceremonies (that may or may not involve sacrificing young human women) in the chamber immediately beyond the courtyard. Other rooms within the temple are given over to administration, living chambers, and storage of scrolls, codices and artifacts.

You can download the map of the Temple of Chag at 300dpi both with and without grid from the blog post at

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