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Temple of the Old Gods
 Black and void. Cold and beautiful. The heavens serene and austere. As they had been for millennia. As they would be for eternity. Three blinking lights emerged from a lone ship, a small and broken outcast at the edge of civilization. Shutters clacked as the lenses adjusted to the unfolding spectrum of galactic light. It delighted in this. Sight not given to creatures of the flesh. A sense only given to those cursed with the unfeeling and perfect existence devoid of synapse and drowned in circuitry. The full spectrum of light dancing in its processors. A perfect symphony of waves and particles. It would have smiled if it could. Instead, its gaze remained unchanged as did the rest of its icy steel shell. Innocently, it plodded towards this forgotten kernel of the past seeking answers to questions it had not yet begun to ask.

The lone Palantor, beholden to something it could never fathom, trod closer and closer to the jade obelisk before it. An unfamiliar structure. Ancient and alien anatomy. Yet somehow warmly familiar. It allowed itself a moment of absurd performance - a tactile gesture as symbol and token of its pure and childlike desire. Its steel hand caressed the lowest features of the great towering thing, wishing for all the world it could feel the mineral texture beneath its touch.

Deep within the forgotten place, something stirred. Something dark and terrible. Something determined to remind this orphan shard of humanity of its long forgotten self. Something that should have died out long ago and perished with its innumerable vices. Something human. It had clung, against all odds, to the most barren and hostile piece of rock dangling in the loneliest corner of empty space. It had been waiting. 

And now it was awake.

This one's actually going to have a few steps of release, since my friend Shravan is going to play some carnatic violin on the second half later next week! Figured it would lend itself well to the alien melody, so stay posted for the version featuring his performance!