Temporary Upload Schedule
If you check the Jawesome YouTube every day, you may have noticed that there was no new episode on November 1st. This is because we have a brand new uploading schedule starting this month! Episodes will still come out at 10 AM but will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with Saturdays being for Specials and One-Shots. 

This comes from an increase in workload from other avenues along with JP's very slow crawl. 

Even though we were uploading every day for nearly 8 months or so, for the last 2 months we did not gain a single subscriber. Along with that, our view count was down along with average watch time. Not to mention that all of this was being run Sal, who was getting insanely stressed out.

Putting it honestly, when we started JP it was a 50/50 workload split, that was the idea. But slowly the workload shifted onto Sal. Which was not entirely Mike's fault. There was terrible communication on both ends.

Finally we sat down and decided to split up the workload more, with Mike leading social media duties, and taking over making annotations, thumbnails, and organizing playlists. He also agreed to edit Specials and One-Shots when recorded. Sal would still be the organizer and editor. 

To top it all off, Sal got a day job, so his time on JP would be limited, not to mention the final season of his webshow starting in 2 days. 

But hey, at least the episodes are 15 minutes now?

All in all, making and maintaining a show like this is incredibly difficult and exhausting. We hope that by January or February we can get back to normal uploads. For now, please stay with us! 

Also, tell your friends, spread the word. The way shows like this get anywhere is by people telling people. 

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