TemTale (Ch. 4)
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- TemTale: Ruins -

TT!Mettaton and TT!Kathy reached the end of the land by hallway. A large door with strange symbols were on it. There was a black circle. The circle had these sharp wings to the left and right of it. Under the circle, there were three black triangles. Two were facing towards the circle, while the third faced away. "What is that?" TT!Kathy  asked. She pointed at the symbols. "Those are the symbols of the royals. We, monsters, are lead by the Dreemurrs. As head of the royal guard, it is my duty to protect the royalty." TT!Mettaton said in a rather dramatic way. TT!Kathy slightly ignored the robot. She approached the large door. "Wait!" TT!Mettaton cried as he quickly blocked the door. "Hey!" TT!Kathy yelled at him. She backed away from the strange robot. "I'm sorry my dear. I can't let you go. If I do... they, the Dreemurrs, will capture you. And then they will steal your beautiful SOUL to cross the barrier." TT!Mettaton said sounding sad yet overly dramatic. "Look... you agreed to help me find Temmie. At the moment that is my goal." TT!Kathy said in a very calm tone. She is really close to getting angry. "What will you do then once you find Temmie?" TT!Mettaton asked in a concerned tone. TT!Kathy took a deep breath to completely calm herself down. "One step at a time." TT!Kathy answered. TT!Mettaton stared at her. He seemed to have liked the answer. "Well... let me put some guards here. I promised to take you to Temmie after all." TT!Mettaton finally said. The door finally was opened. TT!Mettaton left four guards at the Ruins. He then went with TT!Kathy. 

- TemTale: Snowdin Area -
They were traveling to Snowdin. TT!Kathy notice the snow the two were walking on. It looked more like soap to her. Plus, the "snow" was scarce and every time they walked on it, the "snow" would fizzle. In addition to that, it even smelled like soap. The trees in the area seemed to be well kept. They also seemed to be the same height and type. "Why is there a lot of soap?" TT!Kathy asked. She was a bewildered that there was soap instead of snow. "It must be Sans. He is a magician. I heard he was coming up with a new trick." TT!Mettaton answered giving a loving look at TT!Kathy. "I'm guessing it involves soap. This must be the place where he practices his tricks, right?" TT!Kathy asked him. She noticed the pink heart on his screen. TT!Kathy started getting nervous. She never had anyone fall in love with her. Then again why would anyone? "Yes. This must be a part of his new magic trick." TT!Mettaton said eyeing TT!Kathy in a loving way. 

The duo came to a bridge. There seemed to be a cage right next to it. "Why is there a cage here?" TT!Kathy asked inspecting the wooden cage. It was well made, but seemed that you can easily break out of it. TT!Mettaton was the first to cross the bridge. "It is probably Undyne's or Papyrus's cage. Come my love! We have to find Temmie." TT!Mettaton said waving his right hand. He was on the other side of this short bridge. TT!Kathy was about to cross it when TT!Sans fell from the sky. At the last second, TT!Sans used his magic to levitate off the ground. He then landed on his feet. "FRISK!!! Why the world did you do that?!" the skeleton asked madly. He had a navy blue hat, white pupils, a black cape that was red on the inside, a gray shirt with blue fluffs (for the shoulders), a black short with a single white stripe, blue shoes, and was wearing a necklace that had a golden ring attached to it (4.10). "Sorry Sans!" yelled a voice. The voice seemed to be distant. "Honestly... that kid can be a hand-full some times." TT!Sans grumbled. TT!Kathy went up to him. "Are you okay?" TT!Kathy asked sounding very concerned. TT! Sans dusted off the soap and dirt he got on himself. He then turned to TT!Kathy. "I'll be fine. You a human, correct?" TT!Sans asked. "Yes." TT!Kathy responded. She thought that was a strange question to ask. "My brother and I are looking for humans that fall down here. I have no desire to capture humans. But my brother though... He is a human-hunter fanatic." TT!Sans explained. TT!Kathy only blinked. "That must be him over there." TT!Sans said as he crossed the bridge. TT!Kathy crossed before TT!Sans. The trio waited there for TT!Sans's brother to appear.
TT!Papyrus appeared. He was wearing a red and yellow cap, a short gray scarf, a light blue chef's outfit, red gloves with a golden lace, light gray pants, and red with yellow shoes (6.02). "Sans! You lazy-bones! You are supposed to be looking for humans!" TT!Papyrus yelled. His broad shoulders made TT!Kathy think that TT!Papyrus could rip out of the outfit at any moment. "There is a human right here." TT!Sans. He casually pointed at TT!Kathy. "Oh... Really? That is fantastic! Human, you better prepare yourself for some special meals and puzzles! I, Chef Papyrus, cooked them to perfection!" TT!Papyrus yelled. He seemed rather enthusiastic. He then left as quick as he had appeared. TT!Kathy was quiet. She was a bit slow in processing what just happened. "My dear! You can't go do the puzzles. We have to find Temmie, remember?" TT!Mettaton pointed out. He put his hands together which made him look like he was begging. TT!Kathy did not seem to hear him. "Listen, human. I need you to keep pretending for my bro. You see... he has never caught a human before. It would mean a great deal if you were to play along." TT!Sans said getting TT!Kathy's attention. TT!Kathy had two choices. Go find TT!Temmie with a robot that loves her or do puzzles with TT!Papyrus. "I think I'll take my chances and do the puzzles. Mettaton, why don't you wait for me at a town or something?" TT!Kathy said to the robot. She wanted to get rid of him. "... Very well then. I will wait for you in Snowdin. Be careful my darling." TT!Mettaton said dramatically before leaving.

TT!Kathy took a deep breath. She thought for sure she would lose her temper. Now, reality had sunk in. She had to do the puzzles and eat meals(?) that Papyrus had done for her. TT!Kathy mental prepared herself for the puzzles. "Darling? Mettaton fell in love with you?" TT!Sans asked TT!Kathy. He broke her out of her daydreaming state. "I don't know what the guy sees in me. Hopefully it is just a faze and he will get over it." TT!Kathy said with honesty. "My brother is harmless and I'll keep an eye-socket out for you." TT!Sans reassured TT!Kathy. She did not notice the pun. "Thanks." TT!Kathy said with gratitude. She then left. TT!Sans watched TT!Kathy as she walked away. He could tell that TT!Kathy had these "walls" that needed to be taken down. 

TT!Kathy passed though a good portion of Snowdin Area. She finally made it to an open area. It was not a soapy as the other portions. "Human!" TT!Papyrus yelled. He and TT!Sans were on the other side of the area TT!Kathy is in. "You have to pass the first puzzle." TT!Papyrus said with a grin. He seemed confident that TT!Kathy was not going to pass the puzzle. TT!Kathy looked around. There was nothing. "This is an invisible maze. You touch the sides of this maze and you will be sprayed with spaghetti sauce. Nyeh heh heh." TT!Papyrus explained. His laugh was something TT!Kathy had never heard before. TT!Kathy began walking forwards. She swung both of her arms in front of her. "... What are you doing?" TT!Papyrus asked raising an eyebrow. If he had eyebrows he would have raised one. "I am going though the maze. Since I can't see it, I need to feel it." TT!Kathy answered as she continued swinging her arms. TT!Kathy made it to the end of the maze by walking in a straight line. "But... I needed to give you this orb that would have released the sauce if you touched the walls... No matter! The next puzzle will surly stomp you. Then! I will be popular once I capture you! Nyeh heh heh!" TT!Papyrus said and did not seemed discouraged. He threw away the orb. He left to attend the other puzzles. "Wow... I never seen a human do that before. You are pretty smart for a human. Keep it up." TT!Sans said with a smile and a wink. He then left. TT!Kathy did not seem to agree with TT!Sans statement.

TT!Kathy began to wonder if she had made the right choice. Then, she remembers TT!Mettaton. 'I made the right choice.' TT!Kathy thought to herself. TT!Kathy continued her journey. She came across a "meat"ball. It was really a snowball that smelled like one. TT!Kathy began to roll it. It was probably the only thing made up of snow in this area. Everywhere else there was grass. TT!Kathy rolled it to a hole with unlocked the next area. In the next area, TT!Papyrus and TT!Sans were waiting for her. TT!Kathy noticed the paper that was on the ground. "Human! This is Sans's puzzle! Prepare to be defeated and captured! Nyeh heh heh!" TT!Papyrus said with a haughty laugh. He also struck a pose. TT!Kathy went over to the paper. It was a Sudoku. Also, it seemed like someone started on it. All TT!Kathy needed to do was to fill in the last three spots. "I don't have a pencil." TT!Kathy said putting the paper back on the ground. It sadden her a bit. She likes Sudokus. "Sans... You did not provide this human with a pencil. You lazy-bones! You are always working on your magic and forget a simple pencil?!" TT!Papyrus asked enraged. His googly eyes popped out from his eye sockets. "Sorry bro. I get your point." TT!Sans said with a huge grin. His witty joke caused TT!Papyrus gave out an angry cry as he flipped the nearest rock. His actions caused TT!Kathy to chuckle. However, she put her hand over he mouth, so the brothers would not see her laughing. Another pun went unnoticed. "No matter! Next up is a spicy surprise by me! You should be shaking in you shoes, human! I will capture you." TT!Papyrus said looking very determined. He also calmed down rather quickly. He left in a rush to set up the next puzzle. "I told you he was harmless." TT!Sans said once TT!Kathy stopped chucking. He made a mental note to himself. TT!Kathy walked over to him. "I am glad I chose to do his puzzles." TT!Kathy said with a content look. "I better go. I hear Paps yelling my name." TT!Sans said as he left.

TT!Kathy continued to the next area. She made it to a Save Point. The yellow sparking diamond was odd. Why would there be a Save Point in a place like this? Also, why did it fill her with Determination? TT!Kathy saw the broken microwave and the frozen spaghetti. TT!Kathy stayed there for a bit. She rested and thought about what she had gone thought. TT!Kathy had mostly fought her way to this point. She made sure to make the enemies faint or she would run away from them. TT!Kathy then continued. She found herself at TT!Papyrus's first puzzle. It was shaped like a tic-tack-toe. There were blue "X's" on the ground. TT!Papyrus was there all alone. "Human! You made it. I see that you have not given up. You will soon! Now... Frisk and I always play this game. I modified it to make it more challenging. Nyeh heh heh!" TT!Papyrus boasted. TT!Kathy went around the puzzle. She pretended to be stumped which made TT!Papyrus rather impatient. She started at the top. TT!Kathy walked across left to right then right to left and finally left to right. TT!Kathy noticed that the "X's" became red "O's". "You solved the puzzle. Impressive! You must have good puzzle skills. To the next puzzle!" TT!Papyrus said with joy. He then impatiently grabbed TT!Kathy by the hand. He pulled her to the next area. TT!Kathy did know how tall TTPapyrus was, but she did not know that he would caused her to become nervous and feel tiny. "Here we are! This puzzle is in the shape of my face. I dare you to complete it." TT!Papyrus said with a "winning" smile. He released TT!Kathy from his strong grip. TT!Kathy stared at the puzzle. In her head, she was making up a solution. "Forgive me human for being a bit pushy. I did not mean to make you nervous or feel tiny. I often forget how tall I am and how scary I look. But, you have nothing to fear, human! I am a kind monster, though I have to bring you to the Dreemurrs ..." TT!Papyrus apologized and explained. He could tell TT!Kathy was nervous just by looking at her eyes. TT!Frisk had the same look when he first met TT!Paps. "It's okay." TT!Kathy said in a gentle tone. She went to solve the puzzle. It took her a while to solve it though. TT!Papyrus left the area to meet TT!Kathy at the next puzzle. 
TT!Kathy crossed yet another wooden bridge. She then came to a what looked like a gray dance floor. "Human!" TT!Papyrus yelled. He and TT!Sans were across the puzzle. TT!Papyrus was standing next to a machine. It was probably the energy source of the puzzle. "You passed with flying colors! My new recipe for capture shall be complex. It will have a dash of salt, a pinch of pepper, a teaspoon of honey, and a cup of awesomeness! You have to pass though this next puzzle. But be warned, human! Each tile is a certain color. I shall not explain what each does. I want the kitchen to steaming hot and give you no glimmer of hope that you can beat this puzzle." TT!Papyrus explained with enthusiasm. "What?" TT!Kathy tried to object. He was about to turn on the puzzle when TT!Nick and TT!Gaster fell from the sky. TT!Nick used his power to levitate last minute. It was not enough. The duo still crashed on top of the energy source. 

"Ow." TT!Nick said pushing TT!Gaster off him. "Uff! I thought you said we would be in the Ruins." TT!Gaster said getting up. He rubbed his sore head. "I don't know where the Ruins are. Be grateful that we even made it to TemTale. I thought that I put the wrong coordinates." TT!Nick said getting up. He dusted off the scraps of metal he got on him. TT!Nick had no cuts on him, just a few bruises. "Nick?" TT!Kathy asked. She was bewildered that he was here. She ran up to him. "Where have you been? Are you okay?" she asked sounding very concerned. "I'll live. I went to an alternative universe with this kid. He and I accidentally teleported there when we bumped into each other." TT!Nick explained in a calm manner. TT!Kathy was bewildered when he mentioned alternative universe. 

 "Paps? Sans? What are you two doing here?" TT!Gaster asked. "Gaster? You are okay! I thought something really bad happened to you." TT!Sans said greeting TT!Gaster. He seemed relieved that TT!Gaster was back. "Nah! I had my hero with me. Nick here is going to free us from the underground." TT!Gaster said with his eyes sparkling. TT!Kathy noticed the text box above the monsters and TT!Nick. Was that black text box with a white outline, white text, and showing the face of the person talking always there? TT!Kathy just shrugged.  "Gaster... Your hero is human. We must turn him to the Dreemurrs." TT!Papyrus said in a sad tone. He did not want to crush TT!Gaster's hopes. "Actually... I am a superhero." TT!Nick corrected TT!Papyrus. This got the attention of the skeletons. "I have a human form, a superhero form, and a dragon form." TT!Nick explained putting his hands on his hips. He failed to mention his puffball form, but it would not make a difference. "Three different forms? Are superheroes supposed to have that many forms?" TT!Papyrus asked while scratching his chin. "But... if you can turn into a dragon... Does that make you not human?" TT!Sans asked then turned to his brother. "Hmmm... I should ask Mettaton. He will know the answer. But to capture a superhero and his girlfriend should be enough for the Dreemurrs!" TT!Papyrus said with enthusiasm. "We are not together. We are just good friends." TT!Kathy quickly explained. She doesn't want people getting the wrong idea. Besides, Nick already has Lisa (his girlfriend???). "Nice save." TT!Nick whispered to her. "No matter! I, Chef Papyrus, shall take you both to the Dreemurrs! Then, I will be showed in kisses and work in the Royal Guard. My cooking skills are needed for the stomachs of royalty. Everyone will be my friend. I shall be popular that even spaghetti shall be green with envy. Nyeh heh heh!" TT!Papyrus said with a lot of enthusiasm and big hopes. He struck a pose at the end of his speech. He then left and dragged TT!Sans with him. TT!Gaster followed the two.
"... If they ask that question in an alternative universe, also known as AU, say yes. Our lives may depend on it." TT!Nick said breaking the silence. He began to walk away. "What about Lisa?" TT!Kathy asked. "You mean that girl that is also Haku's friend? She just said that to you because she is... how do you humans say it... crazy. The last man that was with her was bossed around by her. I think Lisa is threatened by you when we are around each other." TT!Nick explained rather carefully. TT!Nick was aware of this unhealthy crush this Lisa girl has on him. TT!Kathy nodded, though she does not completely believe him. TT!Nick eventually led TT!Kathy to the next area.  

It was a large bridge. There were a few planks missing, but it was stable. TT!Nick and TT!Kathy were only a quarter away from the end of the bridge. TT!Nick stopped suddenly. TT!Kathy was behind him. "What's wrong?" TT!Kathy asked. TT!Papyrus, TT!Sans, and TT!Gaster were at the end of the bridge. "Nyeh heh heh! This is the ultimate puzzle. It should leave a sour taste in your mouth! Behold! The ultimate dish that shall lead me to victory! Nyeh heh heh!" TT!Papyrus yelled and gave a haughty laugh. Two flamethrowers came from above. Next to the flamethrowers, there was two saw blades. Underneath there was two punching gloves that were rigged to punch at any moment. Next to the gloves, there were two cannons. TT!Papyrus was holding a controller. He hesitated on pushing the button. "Paps... please don't hurt Nick and his friend." TT!Gaster begged him. TT!Papyrus looked at TT!Gaster's pleading look. "Er... maybe we shouldn't use this puzzle." TT!Papyrus said. He wanted to use it really badly. "Sans... you push the button." TT!Papyrus said. He practically shoved the controller to TT!Sans's hands. "What?! No. This is your contraption. You should be the one to push the button." TT!Sans said giving the controller back. "No, I insist. You push it." TT!Papyrus said in a more strict tone. "And I said no." TT!Sans said getting angry. The two brothers bickered. The controller fell to the ground. The bridge was destroyed because of that. "Nick!" TT!Gaster cried. He looked distraught. "What did you do???" TT!Gaster asked. Tears began to form. "I... Gaster... we did not mean to harm this Nick nor his friend." TT!Papyrus said in a gentle tone. "I'm sure they ran back to the beginning of the bridge." TT!Sans said. He tried to stay positive. TT!Gaster looked at them with disappointment. 
He then looked up with pure shock and overwhelming joy. "I told you that you teleported too far." TT!Kathy scolded TT!Nick. "Sorry. I have to memorize a new place don't I?" TT!Nick apologized. The two were completely fine and unscratched. They were walking towards the three skeletons. "I suppose you do." TT!Kathy said with a big sigh. She forgave him almost immediately. "You are okay!" TT!Gaster said with joy. He tackled TT!Nick with a hug. TT!Nick was surprised, but returned the hug. "You are alive?!" TT!Papyrus said. He sounded relieved. "You can teleport?" TT!Sans asked out of shock. He had never hear of a human teleporting. "Yes we are alive. I can teleport, but not Kathy." TT!Nick said in a teasing manner. He failed to mention that TT!Kathy too had a superhero form. Then again, it will not matter. "The bridge is out... The whole town will be so mad at me. Do not worry! I, Chef Papyrus, will rebuild this bridge. Sans! Go get Frisk. Surly he knows how to build one." TT!Papyrus said. He seemed to have intently forgotten what he did. "I know how to build a bridge. I could help out." TT!Nick suggested. "Very well then. The superhero will help me in rebuild the bridge. Sans and Gaster. You two can take the human to town." TT!Papyrus said with a nod. "Ok Paps. I hope you can tie a knot." TT!Sans said with this sly smile. "Hmm... I cannot knot." TT!Papyrus said a bit sadly. "Not knot?" TT!Sans asked. "Who's is there?" TT!Gaster answers. "Sans!!!" TT!Papyrus yelled with rage. He realized what TT!Sans did. TT!Sans began to laugh. TT!Gaster caught the joke and laughed at the terrible joke. TT!Nick rolled his eyes and TT!Kathy only blinked. "I can teach you. See you later, Kat." TT!Nick said putting his hand on TT!Papyrus's back. "Okay." TT!Kathy replied. TT!Sans and TT!Gaster led TT!Kathy to the town.
- TemTale: Snowdin Town -
Upon reaching the town, there was a sign that read "Welcome to Snowdin!". The first word was red while the other words were in black. The town looked very quaint. "Frisk? There you are. I would have looked for you, but Papyrus found a human." TT!Sans said to TT!Frisk. TT!Frisk had blue eyes, a gray and blue striped shirt, a necklace with a gold ring on it, a back pants with a single white strip, gray boots, and short brown hair with a single gray highlight (5.10). Part of his hair slightly covered his left eye. TT!Frisk was with TT!Mettaton. "Sans! I... um... Sorry for launching you out of your cannon before you said 'go'." TT!Frisk said. He scratched his head in a sheepish manner. "Hello, I'm Frisk. And you are?" TT!Frisk asked turning to TT!Kathy. "I'm Kathy. Nice to meet you Frisk." TTKathy said in a rather shy manner. 'Isn't Frisk a human too? Then why isn't Papyrus not capturing him?' TT!Kathy thought. "My dear! You survived Papyrus's puzzles?! That is incredible. You must be really smart if you can pass them." TT!Mettaton said. He ran up to TT!Kathy and loving grabbed both of her hands. A pink heart appeared on his screen. "You are even more incredible than I originally thought!" TT!Mettaton said with joy. TT!Kathy quickly retracted her hands. "Have you f-found Temmie?" TT!Kathy said stuttering a bit. Her heart skipped a beat. TT!Kathy could not understand why he loves her. "No... but now that we are here, we can go on a date!" TT!Mettaton said busting with joy. He grabbed TT!Kathy's right hand. He began dragging her to a place called "Grillby's".

"We need to talk..." TT!Sans said to TT!Frisk. TT!Sans levitated TT!Frisk using his magic. "Sans no! I said I'm sorry." TT!Frisk began to pout. "We need to talk about what you said before you launched me." TT!Sans said grimly. His eye began glowing yellow. He looked very serious. TT!Frisk flinched. "I did not mean it!" TT!Frisk said trying to defend himself. TT!Sans took TT!Frisk to their house. TT!Gaster followed TT!Kathy. He was more concerned about her than TT!Frisk. 

- TemTale: Grillby's -

There were various monsters there. Some which TT!Kathy fled from, others that have been healed and few she did not recognized. The place was well kept and had a bar section. It also had this cool looking jukebox. TT!Mettaton took TT!Kathy right up to the bar section of the place. They sat next to each other. It was there, the bartender/owner/ psychiatrist, that TT!Kathy met was a monster named Grillby. He looked like a kind monster to TT!Kathy. He had square glasses, a grey button shirt, cyan pants, black shoes, and a bright blue undershirt (5.11). TT!Grillby was releasing small blue flames from his head. He came from out from a door that was labeled "Couch Sessions". TT!Grillby came out of the room with a monster that looked like a dog. It was TT!Doggo. It was a humanoid dog. He was a black and white dog. TT!Doggo had a light blue shirt with a dog bone at the center, brown pants, and two nunchucks in his pockets.  "So... my squirrel chasing days are over. But what about cats?" TT!Doggo asked TT!Grillby. TT!Doggo hugged himself. "Don't worry. Come back tomorrow. We will talk then." TT!Grillby said. TT!Doggo smiled and left. TT!Kathy seems more interested on how TT!Grillby can talk with no mouth than TT!Mettaton.

"Grillby! We need a special over here. I am on a date with this lovely human." TT!Mettaton said in a dramatic way. "What?" TT!Kathy asked snapping out of her thoughts. "Alright then." TT!Grillby said as he smiled. If he had a mouth, he would be smiling. TT!Grillby had never seen TT!Mettaton act this way. "Hold on!" TT!Kathy told TT!Grillby. She turned to TT!Mettaton. "I never agreed to this date. I am going to go find Temmie." TT!Kathy said in a very strict tone. She got up and was about to leave. TT!Mettaton's noodle arms were wrapped around TT!Kathy. "But! My dear. We have to go on a date if we are to be wed." TT!Mettaton said starting to panic. On his screen was a heart that seems to be beating. "I don't know you." TT!Kathy said as she tried to wiggle her way out. "That is why we are on a date, dear. So we can get to know each other." TT!Mettaton said bringing TT!Kathy back to her seat. He did not release her. TT!Kathy did her best to not snap. "Release me." TT!Kathy said. She started glaring at the robot. TT!Mettaton looked at her. Her glare was scary and felt like she was laser beaming him. TT!Mettaton did not reply. "I said release me." TT!Kathy commanded this time. TT!Mettaton finally let her go. TT!Kathy dusted herself off. She then apologized to TT!Grillby for causing a scene. TT!Kathy left with what ever dignity she had left.

- TemTale: Snowdin Town -

TT!Kathy stormed out of the restaurant. She began walking. TT!Kathy tried to calm herself, but was still scared. Out of fear, TT!Kathy put on a brave face to scare him off. Even if it means crushing his love for her like a bug. But, is it the right thing to do? The last time TT!Kathy fell in love was because of a love poison potion. She remembered feeling weak and stupid after she found that that she fell for Master Hand. It is a story for another day. She does not want to feel that way again. TT!Kathy promised herself to not fall in love until she is of a certain age. A silly promise that she made to herself. TT!Kathy still keeps that promise. She in the middle of passing TT!Sans's place and then TT!Papyrus place. The two houses were right next door to each other. They seem to be connected by an outdoor hallway. The hallway was surrounded by glass and wood to prevent the cold.
"Kathy?" a small voice caught her attention. TT!Kathy turned to see who it was. It was TT!Gaster! "Are you okay?" TT!Gaster asked. He could tell that TT!Kathy was in conflict with herself. "Gaster?" TT!Kathy asked. She was not sure if that was how to pronounce the monster's name. "I saw what happened back there. Mettaton has never acted that way to anyone. I think that he was being himself to impress you." TT!Gaster informed her. TT!Kathy felt judged and guilty. "Sorry... I did not mean to cause a scene like that. I hopes it does not happen again." TT!Kathy said as guilt punched her in the stomach. She looked like she had committed a horrible crime all of the sudden. "I think I would be angry too if someone took me out on a date like that. He he... So... Are you feeling okay?" TT!Gaster asked her in a concerned tone. "I just need to calm down is all." TT!Kathy said forcing a small smile. "Nick and Papyrus may take a while. Why don't you come to our place? Just until the two are finished building a bridge." TT!Gaster suggested. TT!Kathy thought a bit. She wanted to forget the date with TT!Mettaton. "Sure." TT!Kathy said with a nod. TT!Gaster smiled and led her to TT!Paps's house. The house was a two-story house compared to TT!Sans's place, which is a one-story house.

- ArcadeTale: Hotland -

ArcadeXortex and ArcadeGaster were baffled by this human hero. ArcadeAhri, ArcadeJena and ArcadeSans came to the lab in Hotland. "So... Nick is paying for Kathy's medical bills?" ArcadeJena asked. "And this goddess name Lucy is the reason why there was a freak storm that day?" ArcadeSans added. "Yes and yes. I just did not know that is what happened. Kathy tried to save the place, but the blast caused her to loose concentration. If it had not been for Nick's emergency landing, we would be goners. Gosh... I feel like such a fool for being so angry at him for so long." ArcadeAhri said and covered her face. She felt embarrassed now that she knows the truth. "That does not explain why this TT!Nick did not show his SOUL." ArcadeJena said and began to ponder. ArcadeXortex and ArcadeGaster overheard the group. "Who fought TT!Nick?" ArcadeGaster asked. "I did out of anger." ArcadeAhri answered. Her ears and tails went down.

"It is not that he did not want to show off his SOUL." ArcadeAhri said wanting to change the subject. Her ears picked up. "If not that, then what?" ArcadeXortex asked. "I asked that to our Nick. Turns out... the guy is SOUL-less freak." ArcadeAhri answered in a harsh tone. "SOUL-less?! So we have another person that is like Flowey?!" ArcadeSans said and his eye begins to glow. Jena gave him a paper bag. Sans began to crumble it to calm himself down. "But our Nick is a good guy... despite being a SOUL-less freak." ArcadeAhri said. "TT!Nick is not from here, Ahri. He is smarter than me and our Nick. Look!" ArcadeGaster said as he processed this new information. He showed the gang the fixed AU portal. "TT!Nick fixed this thing in 10 minutes! It took me a month the first time it broke and still does." ArcadeGaster said to them in a very harsh tone. He did not like the fact that TT!Nick is smarter than him. "TT!Nick also knew about Error!Sans, Luminous, and Descorda. We never even told him." ArcadeXortex said as he closed his eyes. He then opened them after a few seconds passed. "For as long as I have known him, our Nick can use telekinesis and teleport." ArcadeAhri told them in a very serious tone.

"We have to assume that TT!Nick can do all of that plus some!" ArcadeSans said as he recovered. He recalled the dragon form. "What do you mean?" ArcadeXortex asked. "We looked up TT!Nick on the AU computer. We found no information on the the guy. It's like... he doesn't exist." ArcadeJena said in a concerned tone. "But we did find the people that he is friends with. One of them being TT!Kathy." ArcadeSans added. "TT!Kathy? Are they going though the underground?" ArcadeAhri asked. She was glad to know that there was a Kathy there. ArcadeAhri's tails began to wag slowly. "Yes... the two are currently in Snowdin." ArcadeSans answered. "What are we waiting for let's go!" ArcadeAhri said eagerly. "You will have to say here Ahri." ArcadeGaster said in a strict tone. "Aww!" ArcadeAhri pouted. She knew why ArcadeGaster asked her to stay. "Sans, Jena. You two will go find TT!Nick. I fear that SOUL-less freak may know something that we don't." ArcadeGaster said. ArcadeXortex prepared the AU portal. ArcadeSans and ArcadeJena stood in the middle. "We are sending you to the Ruins Area of TemTale. Find TT!Nick and get the information that we need." ArcadeGaster yelled. The AU portal was making a loud noise. It did not make one the first time. "You got it doc!" ArcadeSans yelled back. The AU portal made a sound of a chicken. It then teleported ArcadeJena and ArcadeSans to TemTale.

"... Did that thing sound like a chicken?" ArcadeAhri asked. "It did. This is strange. I fear that TT!Nick may have done this. I am starting to not like the guy. No one plays pranks on me! Not even a freak!" ArcadeGaster raged. ArcadeXortex found the weird-loking chicken in the control frame of the portal. "I found our chicken." ArcadeXortex said in a dull manner. "Gaaah!!!" ArcadeGaster yelled. He began pulling his "hair". "He dares plays a prank on me!?! I will get the better of him. Just he waits! I will kill this TT!Nick." ArcadeGaster said burning with determination. ArcadeAhri did not laughed at TT!Nick's prank. TT!Nick's personality is similar to Original!Sans, but a less lazy version of the guy. ArcadeAhri began comparing the two in her head. ArcadeGaster began preparing himself to fight TT!Nick. ArcadeXortex kept an eye on the chicken. This is going to be a long day.