Ten Flags, Ten Blessings for the New Year!

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Big love and Mahalos from our front yard here on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Hau tree has been climbed, the prayer flags hung and 2018 Year of the Earth Dog blessings released to the universe!

Casey got really into creating the blessings and good intentions for the 2018 Chinese New Year Prayer Flags!

Ten Flags, Ten Blessings:

1. Health
2. Connection
3. Safety
4. Family
5. Creativity
6. Success
7. Security
8. Love (all loves)
9. Presence
10. Year of the Earth Dog Energy (Pack/Grounded Play)

We created the blessings first and wrote them on one side of the flags.

Then, we went through our patron list name by name and added each of you (first name only) to at least 2 of the flags depending on what we really felt your year needed to be infused with...

We were intentional with it and hope you feel the goodness this year!

I have a cute 10 second video too I need to figure out how to post.

Again, big mahalos to you, we feel warm in our hearts thinking about you and are looking forward to the year of the Earth Dog.

Big Love,

Jewelie & Casey

p.s. We have a retreat guest here live with us for 2 more days and then we're going to test out this Livestream thing. Some of you will hopefully connect with us on Sat, Feb 24th for our first one.


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