Ten Klicks - Monologue #7 Teaser
BOX [SGT Carrie Borden, Military Police. Young woman, outwardly tough but inwardly sensitive] When I asked my recruiter about going into the Military Police, he said, Are you sure? They deploy a lot. I said, why be in the army if you’re not comfortable getting deployed? He said, Good point. I asked him if MP was a combat MOS, since women can’t serve in combat roles. He told me it wasn’t, and I signed Carrie Borden on the dotted line. I asked him about that rule. It’s nothing personal, he said. It’s more of a moral code society has. You don’t knowingly send your female population to the front lines. Men are expendable. You’d really only need one guy to repopulate the country. I laughed. Luckiest man in the world, right? My recruiter, and the recruiter in the cubicle next to him, cracked up. I knew I liked you, he said. You’re funny. He meant funny for a girl. Besides, he said. In a heavy combat environment, a female in the ranks has a way of affecting unit cohesion. You can’t take it personal. Like a bad break up, I said. It’s not you, it’s me. The recruiter laughed again and straightened his back a bit in his chair. That’s how you can tell if a guy is into you: he stands tall. Women, they groom themselves. Watch for it. Notice who a woman is looking at when she tucks her hair behind her ear. It’s just biology. It’s funny, what my recruiter said about heavy combat, because my first mission in Iraq was supporting detainee operations at Valentine, one of the deadliest little OPs in-country... {Click Become a Patron to read more. Really, do it}