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Ten Reasons We Want To Kick Out The Dreamers
Hi! I showed you an in-progress version of this cartoon last week; here's the completed cartoon. I hope you like it. 

I do a fair number of cartoons about immigration, because it's an issue that drives me up the wall; the anti-immigration position seems not only lacking in compassion, but in any connection to pragmatic reality. 

But the controversy over the Dreamers - over immigrants who were taken to the US as children and grew up in the US - seems especially mean, and thus especially infuriating. It's simply cruel to take people who have been in the US virtually all their lives (the average person using the DACA program was five years old when brought to the US) and send them to a "home" country they might not even have memories of. 

And the argument from character - "they deserve to be deported because they are bad lawbreaking people" - which I don't think holds up well in any case - is particularly ridiculous when discussing people brought to the US as minors.

Cartoons like this one - with all those tiny panels - take a long time to draw, and I could only make this cartoon because of the support of you folks on Patreon. Thank you! You make these cartoons happen, and your support means the world to me.

As an additional thank you, I'm posting it here a day before I post it anywhere in public, so my patrons see it first. If you're supporting at the $5 or above level, please feel free to share this immediately; everyone else, please wait until tomorrow.

Special well-wishes to my patrons who live in Florida (including my mom, who thankfully got out of the state a day ago). I'm sure you're in all our thoughts this week. Stay safe, please.

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