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Ten Reasons We Want To Kick Out The Dreamers
Hi! I showed you an in-progress version of this cartoon last week; here's the completed cartoon. I hope you like it. 

I do a fair number of cartoons about immigration, because it's an issue that drives me up the wall; the anti-immigration position seems not only lacking in compassion, but in any connection to pragmatic reality. 

But the controversy over the Dreamers - over immigrants who were taken to the US as children and grew up in the US - seems especially mean, and thus especially infuriating. It's simply cruel to take people who have been in the US virtually all their lives (the average person using the DACA program was five years old when brought to the US) and send them to a "home" country they might not even have memories of. 

And the argument from character - "they deserve to be deported because they are bad lawbreaking people" - which I don't think holds up well in any case - is particularly ridiculous when discussing people brought to the US as minors.

Cartoons like this one - with all those tiny panels - take a long time to draw, and I could only make this cartoon because of the support of you folks on Patreon. Thank you! You make these cartoons happen, and your support means the world to me.

As an additional thank you, I'm posting it here a day before I post it anywhere in public, so my patrons see it first. If you're supporting at the $5 or above level, please feel free to share this immediately; everyone else, please wait until tomorrow.

Special well-wishes to my patrons who live in Florida (including my mom, who thankfully got out of the state a day ago). I'm sure you're in all our thoughts this week. Stay safe, please.

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Panel 1
This panels shows a white man and woman, who look like a married suburban couple, standing behind a picket fence. The man is speaking angrily.
MAN: Because someone who spends the first year of their life abroad and 20 years here has no real connection to the U.S.!

Panel 2
A white man in a black jacket stands flipping frantically through a book.
MAN: Because the Bible tells us to treat our neighbors like shit! Especially the least well off! (It’s in here somewhere…)

Panel 3
A white woman stands behind a counter with a cash register on it. She is shrugging. Dollar bills are fluttering through the air around her.
WOMAN: Because I have no use for the money dreamers spend at my store! (What’s this stuff even for?)

Panel 4
A white man with a tidy beard stands in a park, giving the viewer the finger.
MAN: Because pissing off the libtards is reason enough!

Panel 5
A white man with hair sticking straight out and huge eyes is yelling, sweat flying from his face, in an extreme close-up.
MAN: Because people born in other countries are evil! EEEVVILLLLL!

Panel 6
Donald Trump, wearing a suit and tie and holding a pen up, speaks.
TRUMP: Because they're criminals and gang members and terrific people, just terrific, who I will be kicking out like I said!

Panel 7
An alien, with inhumanly red skin, four arms, and a triangle shaped head with no nose or ears and only one eye, speaks cheerily. The alien is giving a thumbs up with one hand and holding a coffee mug with a smily face design in the other. The alien’s hands have eight fingers each.
ALIEN: Because like most evil aliens from Neptune, I thrive on the needless suffering of others!

Panel 8
A white woman with a knit hat and a blue shirt stands on a residential street of a city.
WOMAN: Because by adding $400 billion to the economy, they’re leaching off of REAL Americans!

Panel 9
A nice office, with an American flag on a pole, a large desk, and an executive style chair. A bald white man is hiding behind the desk; all we can see of him is his eyes and upper head, peeking out from behind the desk. He’s talking quietly.
MAN: Because my voters frighten me.

Panel 10
Two white men wearing white robes are speaking. One is middle-aged and balding; the other is young and has read hair. Both are trying to hide KKK hoods behind their back.
MAN 1: It’s definitely NOT because most Dreamers are brown!
MAN 2: GOSH no!

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