"TENGWARIN" ~The Art of Elmenel~ : "The Imladris Edition", Test Booklet (photo 9, small)
Not long ago I promised you a surprise.

And now I have the pleasure to announce what I call "the Imladris edition" of "Tengwarin"!

The photos today are of its test booklet.

"The Imladris edition" is the third of my printable book design versions of "Tengwarin". I call it so because unlike my white paper work edition (photos of which I posted earlier this month) and "the Tirion Library edition" (which is my favourite) its design underlines the aging that matter is subjected to in Endor (as opposed to Aman, and probably even with Vilya at work), and even beautiful books… And yet the beauty is still there, only with the passions, events and experience of the ages having put their mark on the pages it had been placed on, and added colour to the one from the days of their birth…

My favourite among my printable designs for the art book until now is actually the first one - "the Tirion Library edition". It is my favourite, even as I haven't been able to print a full volume or booklet of it yet. Its paper is much too expensive to afford a complete printed copy of it yet, and I don't really need a trial booklet of it as the loose test pages I did have been a more than satisfactory proof of the beauty of the design. Before the trial print of its pages I expected that I would like a white paper printed version better than any other. Yet on the one hand nothing printed could truly compare to the originals and on the other… The result of those Tirion Library edition trial pages on their carefully chosen, extraordinary paper took my breath away… I printed eight of them in February. The first February photos I posted on Patreon were of them, but I don't think they or any photos at all do justice to the marvelous paper-calligraphy combination in this case! Therefore I have not shared any more photos of them - nothing can compare with the real thing. I leave the reasons for its name for another time as those too have much to do with its particular calligraphy-paper combination.

Another edition, or version, of "Tengwarin" is the one I posted photos of earlier this month. Its paper is white and with a beautiful, appropriate texture… and so I chose it for the first full trial copies. I have not chosen any particular name for it yet - currently I just call it my white work edition.

The sixteen pages of the Imladris edition test booklet are out of order because its main purpose was to help me assess the look of pages with different layouts when printed with their respective backgrounds. The current level of funding prevents the printing the whole 550 page volume as seen on the photos (this particular design of "Tengwarin" needs full colour print and is quite costly to realise). Still the necessary technical preparations on my side are completed.

Enjoy the photos :)!

All the best!