Tentacles, crypts and monkeys
Episode 5, Death Masks, comes out today, exactly one month after we released Episode 1, and it’s been tremendously exciting seeing how our audience (now our fans!) have responded to the results of all our hard work. This week a lovely review by Ely in Audio Dramatic astutely highlighted the influence that the work of HP Lovecraft had on the Aletheian Society- you can’t write Victorian Gothic Horror Adventures without a tentacle creeping in somewhere. We like to think that Howard Phillips would have been genteelly horrified at the actions of our most unladylike female characters - we hope he would have liked the evil monkey, though.

Speaking of Victorian Gothic, this episode our “heroes” visit the Necropolis, one of the most beautiful and macabre sites in Glasgow. Built in the early 1830s on a hill overlooking the city, this prestigious graveyard for the rich and powerful of the city’s industrial heyday is laid out haphazardly with a network of criss-crossing paths, designed to help you lose an afternoon wandering in quiet contemplation amongst the departed. It’s absolutely festooned with enormous marble funerary sculptures, ornate crypts and marble-covered lairs - in a time and place that seemed to take such little care of the living, they certainly knew how to look after the dead. Haunted? Who can say…

As always if you’re enjoying the show we’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line to [email protected], leave us a review on itunes or on our Facebook page. Next week we release the explosive finale for Season One, where Glasgow’s murkiest secrets may yet be uncovered...

May the Light Reveal the Truth!

Jude Reid

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