Tentacles Thrive v4.08 public release

Downloadable versions 

Web version  (suggest only for first time trying) 

We have quite some big updates for both public and patreon releases. 

Public v4.08

  • 6 new mating scenes ( Lambra, Oyckler, Boko, Amoeboid, Man O' War and Cirrus x Moth)
  • 3 new species (Lambra, Oyckler and Boko)
  • 3 new territories (Clearcourt, Erihill and Feyside)
  • 3 new bonding events (Pondou, Killer Corn and Krokilia)
  • 5 5th event graphics (Amoeboid, Man O' War, Stone Coral, Plant Snake and Red Lion)
  • Crafting system completed
  • First craft item - Tent completed

Major Bug fix:

  • Fabrics(monster skins) that are put into craft work with loading/saving
  • Screen get stuck sometimes after battle

Be aware that only save from v4 and up is compatible with newer versions. As usual, to reuse your save, you must rename your newly downloaded file same as the one you saved your game, as well as putting it into the same directory of your previous file.  


Progress update  

Patreon v4.09a

  • 7 new mating scenes (Plant Snake x2, Krokilia x2, Mammosa, Lactari Stalker and Bald Mata)
  • 3 new species ( Mammosa, Lactari Stalker and Bald Mata )
  • 3 new bonding events (Mammosa, Ouideo and Dionaea)
  • 1 5th event graphics (Ouideo)
  • Auto save feature 
  • New benefit (Inuax)

There are more scenes ready than expected. Though, I dropped the ball big time! I forgot to schedule voice recording with our VA until two days ago >_< I panic, but the earliest appointment we could find is next week. So there is no voice on the new scenes. My apology. I don't want to further delay, so I will release v4.09a now, and v4.09b next week with voice sync and other bug fixes.  

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