Tentative Release Date and Updates
So couple of announcements, first of all I’m setting the release of chapter one for the 30th of November. This should give me enough time to finish off the last bits of the chapter and fine tune it.

Next up there are balance changes coming to the setting book, I have an idea what they’ll be I just need some time between finishing up the chapter to apply them. The balance changes should hopefully go up shortly before the first release. Changes are to some of the classes to nerf or empower them where need be, but the major change is to the Torans flying ability. As much as I wanted to keep it trying to balance a flying party member at levels 1-6 is very difficult and I can see why Wizards basically banned anyone taking Aarakocra. Toran will still sort of be able to fly but it won't be the be all and end all it is at the moment.

Finally you might have noticed that the Patron goals have changed quite a bit from their first inception, this is my first big project that requires me commission art and some underestimations were made.

Whilst asking for a lower amount of funds each month would probably greatly help me fund the project, I’m not comfortable with taking money in return for a ‘maybe’ product in the future. So instead the goals are designed to fund each chapter in the future, and retroactively if there’s enough funds. For the moment I’ve put down my own money for the current commissions, but with luck I’ll be able to earn enough to cover these costs for the future chapters. I’ve got some commissions drawing stuff up at the moment with more to be added, there’s some stellar stuff there I’m very excited for and I'll release previews on here when there available.