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Term 1 Charging - And plans for the future..
I'm going to restructure some of plans on patreon - since the first term was experimental, some of the things are going to change!

-After creating PDFs of notes for the current term, I find that creating a separate 'notes' for my process is redundant, so I am going to put notes INSIDE the PSD in the future as layers(where it's relevant), and these separate 'notes' will cease to exist.

-No more portrait commission tier(Instead, my commissions for portraits will be open - Patrons will get a higher resolution than what is available publicly but may not come with PSDs, process notes - This one will be considered as 'bonus')

-Instead of 1920x1200 wallpapers, 4k wallpapers will be available for images composed in a landscape orientation, and there won't be wallpaper versions for portrait orientation paintings.

-I will take a break from doing illustrations of Tess in the meantime to place more of my time in her world and story, placeholder fanart will substitute for the next few months.

tl;dr summary

-From 4 rewards to 3 per term, commissions are open and when done considered as bonus content now, process notes combined inside PSD

What to expect next term and near future:

-Collaboration with Tsuaii! Tentatively, we'll be painting 002 from Darling in the Franxx

-Fanart of my picking(Tentatively Violet from Violet Evergarden)

-Suggested and polled fanart

-Concept art of glimpses of Tess' world, and a villain.

Bonus: Black Cat D. Va high res, (1)portrait commission

Thank you all for the patience and rewards will be sent out when pledges are processed! Cheers!