Term 10|Year of the Dog!
"Come on, daddy!"  "Woof!"

Next year is the Dog Year. So I paint a robot dog lol.

  Lv2 (5$) package including:

  ・Working Process

  ・PSD file


  ・Bonus!!!  Painting process film, 40 mins  around.

I made the video for this piece, I'll upload the video to Youtube and sent it for you all!

「走吧老爸!」 「汪!」

為明年狗年提前畫的賀圖!這次有錄了作畫過程,之後會上傳到 Youtube,也會在第十期的回饋裡寄給大家!

Working process GIF

Term 10 will release in 11/30!