Term 21: Chamomile
Hey guys! Sorry I've been so quiet >_>. I got really sick for about a week and a half, it was terrible. Now I'm all recovered and can spend extra time on drawing again! (Aside from all the other time I spend drawing lol....)

I was sitting on the rough sketch of this drawing for a long time, but finally decided to do a polished version. I actually discovered a good process by doing this, I used the same approach as in a Grimoire Noir page, expect using full colour. I really like this process and I feel like I've finally found a style of colouring I'm happy with TwT
Since I started this drawing such a long time ago, I don't have the recording of the initial sketch/rough colours... but I recorded the inking/colouring, which took about 4 hours, so I will be sharing that this term :D 

Anyway, thank you for supporting me, and welcome to new patrons!  <3



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