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Term 5 coming up!
Term 4 was a success! 

This has been amazing - thank you to everyone who is here!

Those of you who pledged before Oct 14 will be charged for Term 4 as well as Term 5 (you should have already received Term 4 content, and will be receiving Term 5 content within the next few days).

If you pledged after that date, you will only be charged for Term 5 content (which will be sent to you within the next few days, planning for Nov. 3). However, if your credit card/payment is declined and did not go through, you will not receive the content. 

It's really fun to see all your work posted on Discord and the FB group, and it gives me a better idea of how to shape the assignments and content. It's also really great to get your suggestions on Discord/FB. Also! Thanks to those of you who came out to the meet up in LA! We'll definitely do it again a couple more times, and again wherever I end up traveling to. 

Thanks again! I'm excited to see what you do,


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