Term 5 complete! (June 1-30)

Hi guys!! :,33

Wow, in this term I feel that I improve a lot in my style :,3 do many drawings for you makes me practice ;W; !

I want to advice you guys that,..

  •  Now there is no more 2 terms in one month, because is hard to me make a lot of stuff, and now I just ask a pledge in each month and not per 2 weeks, so now all the terms will be at the month, example (Term 5: June,...Term 6: July...Term 7: Ago...ect) just one term per month. But don't worry, I will keep doing a lot of stuff for you! (really will be the same number of stuff XD)

Thanks you for the support!! :,33

+White Level+ (1$)

-Help feed Fifi

 -The Black KEY- comic pages earlier (2) 

 +Red Level+ (2$) 

-White level 

-access to patreon activity- feed.


 +Yellow Level+ (5$)

 -White level 

-Red level

 -Step by step process (4)

 -HD res image 4) 

 +Pink Level+ (8$) 

-White level 

-Red level 

-Yellow level

 -Sexy sketches 

-Boss Sexy draw (2)

 -Tutorial (1)

 +Blue Level+ (10$) 

-All levels 

-Access to a Montly raffle for (1 simple sketch request as your desicion). 

 Check them in my profile Patreon Looking forward to bring you guys more content and improving ! Lvl up n0n

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