Term 57 & Sweet Devil ep.1
Hello everybody, happy Sunday :) Another 2 weeks have passed by, which means that Term 57 is now officially over! Thank you so much for your support and welcome to all the new patrons who joined this past term!!!! 

The link to the first episode of my Sweet Devil series will be sent out in the next hour via private message to everyone who is eligible ($2 and above pledge+reward level) and does not have any outstanding declined payments. To double check your status and make sure you are all up to speed see patreon.com/pending 


Term 57 ended in September which means payments for it will be processed at the start of October. Some rewards such as access to past exclusive content etc will be sent out after Patreon has processed all pledges. You can check which terms have gone through the billing cycle here https://www.patreon.com/pledges?ty=h


Just a reminder that:

- If you believe you should've been this term's supporter, please check your Outbound Pledges page, pledge level and monthly limit to see if this term is on your list of supported pages. Some months fall in such a way that 3 terms end within that month instead of the usual 2, which might have been conflicting with your monthly limit.

- If for any reason you have missed out on some term rewards, you can still get access to previous content via the $4 pledge level.

- Please be aware that your information disappears from my list if you withdraw your pledge before receiving the rewards! I will not have your name nor contact details even if you have been charged, and I won't be able to send you your reward.

- Please make sure your payment information is up to date. If the payment request gets declined you will receive a notification from Patreon to inform you about it. While your payment is declined Patreon automatically disables access to all new content until things are all up to date. Also if your payment is declined while a new term ends, you will not be added to the list of supporters for that term. 

- If your payments stays declined between the 3rd and 5th of every month, you will miss out on the initial wave of rewards distribution. I unfortunately do not get notified when payments have gone through for each individual, so it will be in your hands to contact me about the fixed payment issues so I can then give you any outstanding rewards.