Term 7 complete!
Hello Guys! Term 7 is complete! To get these stuff support me on Patreon till 31.08.2016 and you will get access to the reward of your choice.

*Rewards will be send out via Patreon message from September 1-10 when all pledges have been processed by Patreon*

Reward summary for Term 7

Guardian Patrons (1$)

• Activity Feed access, patron only previews + teasers patron only view

• Fantasy poll voting

Seraphim Patrons (5$)

• all Guardian rewards

• PSD's of Funayurei, Butterflies, Drowned (both versions), Link

• High-res Jpgs of Funayurei, Butterflies, Drowned (both versions), Link, Fashion Sketch and Native Girl

• Access to my brushes

Archangel Patrons (8$)

• all Seraphim rewards

• Video process (Speedpainting) of Funayurei, Butterflies and Link

• Full length video process of Drowned