Term 8 complete and important notice!
Hello, my dear ones!

wow – it’s been 8 months now since I am constantly creating new pictures for you each month.

As experienced very often, this involves a greater time and effort as originally planned regarding the actual time I have for the monthly campaign and as I want to keep improving myself for you, I need to work on this in the future - that is why I need to reschedule my Patreon-Campain from a monthly habit to a more individual period of time.

By that, I am allowing myself to have enough time to work on these ideas in the right manner and detail, as it actually requires. You would receive the pictures as usual, but in an individual period of time and depending on the effort spent on the pictures, I would create the packages individually, as well, so you will get the same amount of work within the package as during the past couple of months. It could happen, that one picture counts as “2 pictures” when it has been worked on very much in detail.

Furthermore, I would like to ask you, if you have any ideas regarding the rewards – is there anything in particular that I could do for you and thank you for your support? If so, please let me know in the comment section.

I really hope you understand this step and my attention and am looking forward to working with you in the future – you are the best!

Love <3


Reward summary for Term 8

To get these stuff support me on Patreon till 30.09.2016 and you will get access to the reward of your choice.

*Rewards will be send out via Patreon message from October 1-10 when all pledges have been processed by Patreon*

Guardian Patrons (1$)

• Activity Feed access, patron only previews + teasers patron only view

• Fantasy poll voting

Seraphim Patrons (5$)

• all Guardian rewards

• PSD's of Fantasyheadpiece, Smoke, Starfall (both versions, normal and NSFW), Gumiho

• High-res Jpgs of Fantasyheadpiece, Smoke, Starfall (both versions, normal and NSFW), Gumiho, Cilia and Hat and Sunglasses

• Access to my brushes

Archangel Patrons (8$)

• all Seraphim rewards

• Video process (Speedpainting) of Gumiho, Smoke and Starfall

• Full length video process of Fantasyheadpiece

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