Term Schedule & Content Update
Before you get worried, this is actually really good news for everyone.

 Alright everyone. So i did a little thinking about terms and tiers and so on, trying to figure out how this whole Patreon thing works, and I've figured it out. First things first, because I was late on the last upload and whatnot, i'm going to just not charge anyone for the 2nd half of this month and instead come back with new content for Term 1 on the 1st of next month instead. Feels like a more fair and better idea. 

Now, for the schedule, It will be like this (still):

  • 1st - Term 1
  • 15th - Term 2 

So those will be the days I post the rewards. I'll create a like Ad styled post indicating which term it is, what month (eg. February Term 2 Complete) showcasing some of what you get in that package, and then charge THAT post, then right after post the separate reward posts for each tier. Each tier will be labeled too. (February Term 2 Tier 1 Rewards) and sent out  via the page posts. So anyone who signs up later, or upgrades from tier 1 to tier 2 can see all the old posts. I won't be selling old term rewards, as much as thats a good idea to make more zeny, lol. 

Sound good? 

Now, the good news is; I made the decision that as of this coming Monday, I'm going to be trying to post SOMETHING everyday. Eventually, my aim is for daily videos, but I'm not trying to overwhelm myself and burn out immediately. I have a lot of ground work to do for most of my videos. But what this means for YOU is tons more process, videos and just behind the scenes content to enjoy every two weeks. I'm probably going to add some new things to the tiers, like posting your names at the end of videos and stuff like that and going more in depth into my thought process. 

As you guys know, I hate tutorials. And I feel like the reason why I hated them so much is because it felt like it was just a cop out circle jerk. But, I feel like, now that i have a project i'm passionate about, directed at people who don't do what i do, I'm able to have space to give back to those who might want to do what i do, or join the journey or whatever. So i'm going a little more in depth in what I can and will be teaching you. But i still think the cussing tutorials is a hilarious idea and want to do that. But in private...we can be close right? Lol. 

Alright, before I go, heres a video that kinda finally lit that fire under my ass! Everyone, watch this:  Tupac Died at 25. What are you doing with your time?

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