TERM ZERO Course Description
Hi Everyone! This course starts in a few days. The videos and basic curriculum will be available to ALL PATREON SUPPORTERS, with some added benefits for Dotted Breve and Longa Level patrons. Watch the video for the basis of why you might want to take this course, and then read the post. 

Lessons will have a light touch, but will include suggestions for further study. There will be individual video topics, as well as a weekly video check-in post with assignments attached.

Here's a rundown of what we'll cover:

Notation skills (for Sibelius users):

• macProVideo Sibelius 101 & 102 courses (discounts for Dotted Breve/Longa)

Scoring practice (resources available as Sibelius files, PDF's, and MusicXML)

• Transcription exercises (following on from Sibelius courses, but open to all approaches)

• Composition exercises (accompaniment styles, crafting melodies, composing to a given chord progression, adapting music to a different context)

Dotted Breve/Longa supporter work checked at end of course.


• Planning out a scoring project

• Good work habits

• Time management


• Catch-up study in harmony and counterpoint

Reading will be assigned using the following two books, but I will make the topics general enough so that their study may be adapted to other texts:

Lehmann - A Treatise on Counterpoint in 40 Easy Lessons

Walter Piston - Harmony (5th Edition)


• Basic training and/or review in sight-singing

I will supply some exercises, but the basic assignments will be assigned from this book:

Slabbinck/Slabbinck - One-Minute Sight-Singing

Score-Reading and Listening

• Lists for score-reading and listening, with some guidance included.

Any questions, please ask below. This is going to be fun!