Terraria Wings & Terra Blade Free Cross Stitch Patterns
Hello! It's been a crazy week. And thus I missed posting last week entirely. So much for weekly posts. D:

This week just a freebie sprite rip of some Terraria items: Three wing types (perfect for hairclips!) and the Terra Blade (so colorful!)

The rest of this post is just general update on what's been going on with me, so feel free to skip to the downloads ;)

It's been a rough week for me;
- My work moving offices up to the 24th floor, and having to move my desk and everything.
- Having to stay up late re-checking the entire Stardew Book because we found one error in a pattern where the colors were switched (and wanted to make sure none of the others had that issue)
- Power outages at home, where my Desktop PC scared the heck out of me by not wanting to start back up for a few hours (seems to be working now...)
- Various internet issues (Comcast..)
- My laptop died and had to be replaced (Yay sudden $1300 expenses!)

And a ton more small stuff like needles breaking, tripping over things, etc.
I've felt cursed this week.

However! Despite all the hardship, I did get a lot done!  Book is pretty much ready for printing (hopefully), acrylic charms are in and half assembled/packaged (waiting on more straps), TwitchCon display has been tested and confirmed to fit in my luggage, more small earrings and things, Had some time to relax and play video games with the boyfriend and generally have some much needed recharge time. Super Mario Party is a lot of fun! :)

I also got some work done on the secret Skyrim-related patterns I've been working on so hopefully I'll be able to release those after TwitchCon and get back in the swing of things creating original designs. <3

One of those may just be a Stitch-A-Long style! Who's interested? ;)

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