Terrarium Necklaces
Or as I've been calling them 'Terrainiums'. This is a project I've been working on for MONTHS. I really liked the idea of little worlds in jars but I experimented with all kinds of things like butterflies and individual flowers, fishbowls with whales in, even a little dragon and a horde before I settled on doing snapshots of landscapes. I'm not 310% happy with the artwork yet, the white backing came out a little heavy, but I still think they're pretty cool! These were partially created because I want to to try and get my work into indie art shops, you know the kind- usually called things like 'Bits'n'bobs' or 'Little lacy things' and eveything is painted white and all the tables are made of stumps. These will match stump tables perfectly if I can just get the packaging right! Maybe try vegan leather cords instead of chains? Anyway I hope you like them! If they go down well I'd love to do more tiny worlds in jars.