Test Animation 2: Luna 1
Here's another old test animation for you guys. This one's even older than the previous, not exactly in the first batch of animations, but not too far out from there either. It does have some minor animation issues, given that this was never intended to be uploaded anywhere when I created it. You can even see one of them in the screenshot.

There was this one thing I did a lot when I was newer to this that turned out to be a bad idea later on, and that was "automating" inflations. This includes this animation. I came from a programming background and initially tried to make expansions by looping an animation in such a way that it'd increase certain shape key values by a flat amount each loop. The problem is that modifying this sort of animation, staggering its pace to be uneven, or really getting any sort of control over it was a nightmare.

This went on all the way up to and including Queen of Pump, which is where I finally realized how bad of an idea it really was. It sort of explains the slow pacing in that animation as well. I could have technically sped up the process, but I would've had some segments that had non-inflation animation overwritten by the automated pump, screwing up everything in the process. It made my animations feel like they were held together by duct tape, which was sort of my wakeup call. In static (as opposed to interactive) animation, it's ten times better to just manually repeat any repetitive parts. Then you can move them around the animation, change their pacing without screwing over other parts of the animation, etc. There's no urgent need for "efficiency" like with programming. I feel like this should've been more obvious to me than it was, but hey, we all gotta make mistakes and learn from them.

Anyway, enough talk. Don't expect these every week, I'm just putting out another one because messing with D.Va and Mercy dialogue is way longer and more tedious than I'd hoped due to the sheer number of voice lines in the Overwatch game files. I'll keep you updated. Check the attachment for downloads (zip file is Blender, packed file), and let me know in the comments if the upload didn't work properly, I'll fix it later. That's it for now, take care guys!