Test Post. Don't Ignore.
Hi there.

Going to keep this short in case I'm doing it all wrong. First post on patreon! I think maybe this should be a weekly thing so people know what I'm working on and what videos are planned in the future. I honestly have no idea what people's expectations are on this site so I'll do what feels the most natural and tweak as I go. Bear with me if you can.

So upcoming content:

I am very unhappy with how the middle of my Dark Souls 2 Series turned out. The Series Strengths and Sequel Changes video is, I think, pretty good. I'm happy with it. The DLC one is almost as good. I don't think I have the base game a thorough enough look.

I played through Scholar of the First Sin this week and I think I'm going to make a video on that as a "second chance" of looking at level design in the base game. My tentative plan is to have it be a very long video aimed at people who are really into the series, instead of the more accessible look that I just did in the prior three videos.

This video will likely take some time to produce. I have other games I want to look at. So it'll be an ongoing project that I hope to have finished in February or March.

In the meantime, I have finished the script and recording for a short video on Infinifactory. I'm also hoping to play Dragon's Dogma and potentially split my thoughts into two videos: a review and an analysis. But I said that about Fallout 4 and that ended up being one big video.

I also want to do something on Darkest Dungeon, since that's coming out of Early Access this month. And Rise of the Tomb Raider after all of those.

So that's the plan for January and part of February. I have no idea if people will be notified when this post goes out. I guess we'll see. I'm more than open to suggestions on how to make this patreon thing a better experience for those who pledge. Let me know what you'd like to see from me.