Testing 1, 2, 3...
Patreon postcards rewards are finished and shipped. The Dreamer is back online and moving forward. My time as artist on Wynonna Earp has wrapped.

I noticed myself filling up my nights and weekends with more work on The Dreamer, only because I don't do "idle" or "relax" well not because I was behind. But I've learned that is a recipe for burnout. 

So I decided that I needed a hobby—something to get excited about now that Dreamer has her groove back.

For the past year I've been casually reaching out to friends and interesting people I know to see if any of them wanted to go on a podcast adventure with me. No one took the bait, which is why when three different friends recently said "Yes!" I didn't believe any of them. 

(Sorry, guys.)

Fortunately they were serious. And took them all up on their offer and I now have two separate podcasts in the works, and one episode in the can.

I love both sides of the mic. As a host, I miss connecting with people through the conversations a show creates. As a listener, I adore the medium. I spend most of my day listening to podcasts while I work, or work out, or cook, or clean, or drive or... yeah I pretty much spend all day every day listening to podcasts.

[A list of some of my favorite shows: https://www.patreon.com/posts/5096376 ]  

Webcomicing is such solitary business. It's been energizing to have collaborators to move the needle forward with. This week I dug out my USB microphone, created a make-shift sound booth (that didn't work as well as I'd hoped), showered, caffeinated myself and was ready to record before the sun woke up. Wrapping on our pilot episode had me buzzing with so much excitement that I walked down to my favorite coffee shop just to burn off the adrenaline. 

(I surely didn't need any more caffeine.)

My evenings and weekends have been filled up with updating my equipment and software, designing album art, setting up social media accounts, deciding where and how to host our shows, picking out theme songs, lining up guests, and, let's be real, a lot of squeeing.

The two shows will be very different, but both are on topics very near to my heart. I'll let you in on more as we countdown to launch.

In the meantime, if you see Daniel Fremgen or Sean McGuire hanging around in the comments here on Patreon, you might want to say hi. You'll be seeing (or should I say "hearing"?) a lot more of them soon...

So I have to know: Patreon, what has YOU excited?