Testing Out Some Reward Tier Changes!
Hey guys! Here is a little notice that I am testing out some new Patreon tiers. Be sure to check them out so you know if you want to continue pledging at your current amount! The $1 and $5 amounts have been combined and set at $1. I'm less active at creating/posting behind the scenes content than I'd like to be, and the times that I did it seemed to go largely unnoticed. To remedy this, I'm going to start including the behind the scenes content I do make with the $1 tier as well! The $20 remains unchanged! The $50 is no longer a 'Thank You' video. Instead, it's a 30-minute hang out time with me on Skype! We can just chat, or maybe play a game if things work out! If you've recently pledged this tier and have yet to receive your thank you video, I'm in the middle of making them right now! They'll be the last batch I make, and from here on out it'll be Skype time! This is going to be a little test run... I have no idea if I'll keep it running or not, but I gotta try!
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