Testing paints and boards
I hope everyone has had the most wonderful Christmas ever, and haven't eaten too much chocolate and turkey :D Today I'm back painting for a little bit before my in-laws arrive for our traditional Boxing Day dinner, and I came across some forgotten illustration boards yesterday while finding space for new materials and sketchbooks my family gave me for Christmas, and I can't believe I overlooked this board! It's Crescent's Illustration Board in extra white, and it just makes colours POP. One of the problems I've found with the Fabriano, even extra white, is it absorbs so much of the colour (as it's made of cotton) and it can leave the colours looking very muted and dull by the time they dry (big problem of your work mainly focuses around bright colours like mine). This illustration board, however, is just perfect! What you see when it's wet is what you'll get when it's dry, and it combines watercolour and gouache beautifully, which is exactly what I want :) And it takes pencil extremely well too <3 An all round absolutely stunning board.