Testing, testing...
Okay, just making a new post here to see how it works - seems easy enough!

Currently working on:

Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots - voicing, then will move to testing

Conspiracy: Below Zero - I'm voicing one of the main characters, all voicing done but there will be a few extra lines added before the game gets released.  Please don't mock my attempt at an American accent when the game comes out, my character is an FBI agent!!

BSG78 - Unexpected at the Rising Star

 - I'll be voicing Starbuck in this Battlestar Galactica fan game apparently!  (Based on the original series, not the modern version.)

A Sloth For Both Seasons - well I'll be uploading the final build when it comes out, but it's actually my partners in crime who will be doing all the actual work!
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