Texas A&M at Florida
Aggies in the Swamp.  A most inhospitable place

 Game Time: 6:00 ESPN2

Florid Gators and Texas A&M Aggies in the Swamp. Time for some Aggiegator stew. O.K. that was awful

Florida is 3-2 for the season and opened with a loss to Michigan that they should have won, At least in my opinion. They haven't exactly overwhelmed any of their three wins but they are probably playing over their head given the problems they have had with injuries and suspensions and the like. But I will quickly and adamantly add that the current leadership has the program going in the right direction and that Jim McElwain will build a great program at a great school.  

 Then there was that heart breaking loss last week against what was until that time some toothless tigers.
Now there is A&M 4-2 record, They blew a 4 touchdown lead in the second half against UCLA to lose by 1 point. And last week they played Alabama tough before losing by 9 points.

Just gotta tell you that I was impressed with their performance against Alabama. Their quarterback is a true freshman and i swear he has to be Harry Houdini in a football helmet. Mr. Mond is going to be a great one. I think he personally kept A&M in the game with Alabama with his performance. Catching him was like trying to catch a greased pig

It really hurts for me to say this. I want every team in our great state to win against whoever they are playing. when they play each other I take sides but i am rambling. Too much Dr. Pepper I guess.

A&M by 14