Text Chat, Do-Over!
Greetings everyone!  We're going to try the text chat again next Tuesday, 22 November, from 8 pm Atlantic Time (7 pm Eastern).  We're going to use the same Chatzy room, but I will disable the password.  We'll be limited to just the first 10 people (I'm guessing I'm included in that 10).  If we want more than that, it costs a lot of money.

I'll be kicking things off with an Ask Me Anything, and then moving on with whatever you guys want.  This will run about an hour, but it could go over if we are having a great time.

Here's the link:


Please let me know in the comments if you plan on attending!

In other news, now that we're back from our trip, it is back to writing!  Tonight is clean-up from the trip, but tomorrow I get back to the novel!



P.S. as always, if you are reading this in an email, please click through to like and comment!

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