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TFDI 2017 Spring Tour (Part 1)
the cool thing about traveling as a band is that I tend to have a little more bandwidth for videoing things that take place as opposed to when it's just me and I either forget to video or simply can't be doing two things at once. and although I was able to capture quite a bit of what took place this past week, I can't help but feel I've barely scratched the surface here. for those of you who joined us for these early shows, THANK YOU! thank you for being the first. the first to know, to like, to share, to purchase, to support. we are so very grateful for all the Love. those of you still awaiting the arrival of the TFDI train to barrel through your neck of the woods, gear up! we're coming in hot. 

hope you enjoy the highlights. please do continue to spread the word!

much Love and eternal thanks for you continued Patronage...


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