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~ The Forgotten God Campaign ~

The Forgotten God is a complete campaign path that can be created by combining Quest Packs 01-16. It has been published one Quest Pack at a time, in monthly updates, funded by our patrons past and present. A full index of all Quest Packs related to The Forgotten God campaign can be found at the bottom of this post.

The purpose of this guide is to help game masters who want to run the complete Forgotten God campaign get a good overview of the story, divided into five chapters. This post also functions as an index of all the Quest Packs related to the campaign, and when they come into play.

We consider this post a living document, and we may make changes and add additional campaign content depending on Patron requests and any new ideas we may have.

~ Story Outline ~

At its heart, the story of the Forgotten God is about the tension between the original inhabitants of the swamp and the Human colonizers who settled in the middle of their lands, and built the city of Dryfoot Hill. The players take on the role of aspiring adventurers, brought together by a slightly mad professor who believes there is an important treasure hidden somewhere underneath the town. 

Unbeknownst to either of them, the city was built on top of an ancient slumbering god. When the Forgotten God is inadvertently awakened by the adventurers, various factions within Dryfoot Hill seek to make use of the resulting chaos to shape the future of the city and the people living in it - The players must choose who to support.

~ Setting up your game ~

Before you begin, provide the players with some basic information about the campaign; They will be playing in a high-magic setting, and their characters will be aspiring adventurers who are brought together by professor Bramblebottom. 

Milestone Leveling. We advise the players begin the adventure at 3rd-level, and advance to 4th and 5th levels at set points in the campaign, indicated in the guide below. If you want to begin the campaign at 1st-level, make sure the party reaches 3rd-level when they enter Dryfoot Hill.

Campaign Brief. I wrote a campaign brief for our Patrons when we first started playing our test campaign. It may not be entirely right for your group, but the campaign brief can be downloaded from the post linked below - It may be useful as is, or serve as an example of what to tell your players before you begin.


▪️ Chapter 1: Journey to Dryfoot 

Professor Bramblebottom gathers his group of adventurers in the small town of Twobridge, and together, they embark on a treacherous journey up-river. 

Relevant Quest Packs: 01, 03, 04, 05 + ReQuest Pack 01 & 02 

Start the campaign with every player’s arrival on the Twobridge docks, where they will meet each-other and the professor. Once they have all been introduced, begin the journey north. This journey should accomplish three main objectives:

  • For the characters to learn about their primary mission from the professor.
  • To provide an opportunity for the player characters to bond and learn to work together as a team as they navigate the dangerous river.
  • To introduce the player characters to the primary conflict between the Boggards and the Silent Order as the players encounter them along the way.

TIP: The two grumpy Dragonborn found at Gator Joe's can be a great way to introduce the menace of Dragonsprings early on in the campaign.

▪️Chapter 2: Searching for Secrets.

The adventurers arrive in Dryfoot Hill. After they get settled, they explore the town, looking for the secret tunnels the professor insists exist beneath the town.

Relevant Quest Packs: 02, 06, 07, 12, 13, 15 + ReQuest Pack 01 & 02 

Allow ample time for the player characters to explore Dryfoot Hill. Don’t hesitate to give them a few red herrings or dead ends. The primary purpose of this chapter is for the characters to get to know the people of Dryfoot Hill, get a feel for the factions in town, and to make friends and enemies. To find an entrance to the tunnels below Dryfoot is secondary, and will lead them into the next chapter

By the end of this chapter, the players must have met at least 1 character from each of the following factions:

  • The Silent Order
  • The Dryfoot Council and/or the Church of Hemel
  • The Tiny Temple of Tor and/or the Soggy Bottom Boyz
  • Dragonspring and/or Otho of the Crystalarium

TIP: Quest Pack 08: Hidden Chambers contains a series of Quest Hooks designed to take the players below ground. Once they have met all the factions listed above, you can employ one or more of those Quest Hooks.

LEVEL UP: The player characters advance to 4th-level after they have completed the task that leads them to discovering the Smuggler’s Tunnels.

▪️Chapter 3: The Heart of Amber

The Adventurers explore the smuggler’s tunnels searching for the location of the Tear of Hemel. The search takes them into the Heart of Amber, where they awaken the Forgotten God.

Relevant Quest Packs: 07, 08, 09 

The players will likely enter the smuggler’s tunnel network through one or more quests they have picked up on the surface. Bramblebottom has told them to try and get as deep into the tunnels as they can, as he thinks they will find the Tear of Hemel at the deepest point: The Heart of Amber. Once the players reach the Heart of Amber, there is no going back. They will most likely awaken Tor, after which Dryfoot Hill will be forever changed.

If the players reach the Heart of Amber and do not awaken Tor, send Kromag into the tunnels with a handful of lackeys to do the deed. For the story to continue, Tor must be awakened.

▪️Chapter 4: Tor Awakens

During Tor’s awakening, a series of earthquakes rip through the town that cause wide-spread destruction. The adventurers are lost in the chaos, reaching out to their friends.

Relevant Quest Packs: 10, 11, 16 

The turtle god Tor has been awakened, and as it has risen, it has caused severe damage to Dryfoot Hill. The revelation that Dryfoot Hill has been built atop the titular Forgotten God is a big one - Try to build up to a big, dramatic reveal. 

Before moving on to the final chapter, allow the players some time to explore the destroyed town to check up on the friends (and enemies!) they have made in chapter 2.

Try not to move on to the next chapter until the players have learned at least two of the following agendas:

  • Dragonspring wants to control Tor and turn him into a massive moving fortress.
  • The Soggy Bottom Boyz and/or The Tiny Temple of Tor want to prevent any harm to Tor, and take over (political) control of Dryfoot Hill.
  • The Silent Order wants to destroy Tor.

LEVEL UP: The player characters advance to 5th-Level the night before they confront Gharm the Orator in Hilltop Hold.

▪️Chapter 5: Battle for the Eye

All eyes turn to Hilltop Hold, where a magic ritual to take control of the Turtle God has triggered a battle between factions. The adventurers are instrumental in swaying the tide of this battle, and in deciding the ultimate fate of Tor and Dryfoot Hill.

Relevant Quest Packs: 14 

The climax of the campaign will unfold very differently depending on the choices the players have made leading up to this point. Lean into their choices, and give the players a satisfying ending by using whichever character they hate the most as the “final boss”, and using the character or faction they like the most as the protagonists.

Central to the events of the climax is the Eye of Hemel. This artifact can empower the players to create the ending they find most satisfying.

Full list of Quest Packs:

Quest Pack 01: Champions.
Champion Player Background, TFG-themed character sheets, Campaign Map.
Quest Pack 02: Welcome to Dryfoot Hill
Guide to Dryfoot Hill pt 1, Dryfoot Town Map, Shop Maker
Quest Pack 03: Gator Joe’s Slop Shack
Gator Joe’s Paper Buildable, Boggard Player Race, Minigames
Quest Pack 04: The Silent Order
Faction Profile: The Silent Order, Paper Buildable Wagons & Barges
Quest Pack 05: Journey to Dryfoot
Journey to Dryfoot adventure, Professor Bramblebottom
Quest Pack 06: Taverns
Paper Buildables Kit: Taverns, 3 pre-designed Taverns
Quest Pack 07: Smuggler’s Tunnels (Smuggler’s Tunnels Part 1)
Guide to Dryfoot Hill pt 2, Smuggler’s Tunnels map, Faction profile: Soggy Bottom Boyz
Quest Pack 08: Hidden Chambers (Smuggler’s Tunnels Part 2)
Smuggler’s Tunnels Quests, 5 micro-maps of tunnel chambers
Quest Pack 09: Heart of Amber (Smuggler’s Tunnels Part 3)
Heart of Amber adventure, concluding the Smuggler’s Tunnels.
Quest Pack 10: Tor Awakens
Tor Awakened Town Map, Anatomy of Tor, Chase Scene Maker
Quest Pack 11: Aftermath
Tor’s Awakening Quests, Faction Profiles: Town Guard, Dragonspring, Tiny Temple of Tor
Quest Pack 12: Hilltop Hold
Paper Buildable: Hilltop Hold Fort, Faction Profile: Dryfoot Council
Quest Pack 13: The Church of Hemel
Paper Buildable: Church of Hemel, Faction Profile: Church of Hemel
Quest Pack 14: Battle for the Eye
Final Battle of the Campaign, Player Rewards
Quest Pack 15: Sorcerer’s Prison (Stillstone Part 1)
Stillstone Map, Guide to Stillstone (Before Tor’s Awakening)
Quest Pack 16: Wild Riot (Stillstone Part 2)
Stillstone Riot Adventure (After Tor’s Awakening)

ReQuest Pack 01: TFG Pantheon & Cursed Item Shop
Pantheon of Champions, Cursed Item Shop
ReQuest Pack 02: The Spiral, Character Cards & Gatorfolk Race
The Spiral Cosmic Library, Dryfoot NPC Character Cards, Gatorfolk Player Race

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