TFOTB | April 22nd | Reading 113 of 366 |

BOOK 19 of 66  | Psalms 6 & 8-10 & 14

Signpost Words | ‘SING WITH ME NOW CHOIR..’

Highlight Verses | Psalms 9:1,16

To the Chief Musician. To the tune of "Muth-Labben." A Psalm of David. à …….( Prayer & Meditation - Take Note!)’…NSB

Some Observations | 

“Send us your best sermon,” he said. “They’re all good,” says I, “It depends on how spiritual the hearer is if they see it as good.” I heard him laugh. The listeners, the location, the numbers, the amplification, the gender, the age, the race, and especially the present circumstance, all indicate how I would preach a message. I change my rhythm, my style, my annunciation, my breath, and even my clothing to fit the people I am with. I would speak in a very different way to the good white folk of the Kentucky country folk, and another way to my black Pentecostal brethren. I would speak one way to a grandmother and another to a sailor with a few pints in him. I become all things to all men that by any means I might save and disciple some.

Final Reflections  |

Communal connectivity needs a common tune, a known tune, which once engaged in, gives birth to a common consciousness, which in turn produces the glue of cultural cohesiveness. National anthems are such tunes. Whatever ‘Muth-Labben’ means, it was a tune which was common and known. When a nation knows its tunes, it is strong. In the West now, all the great old tunes, those golden carriages of great and glinting words, are all now burnt or broke or left lying like junk in the corner of a foul and forgotten field.  Families sing the same tune together, and all musical interludes are there to aid the singers to immediately and prayerfully reflect upon the words they have proclaimed. This is the strength of all true spiritual songs.   



BOOK 19 of 66  | Psalms 16 & 19 & 21

Signpost Words | ‘STUCK LIKE GLUE

Highlight Verses | Psalms 16:1-3

Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust. O my soul, you have said to the Lord, "You are my Lord, My goodness is nothing apart from You." As for the saints who are on the earth, "They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight."  NKJV

Some Observations | 

David wanted to be around the saints of God, those excellent ones upon the earth. Who wouldn’t! Why then are so many believers not going to church at the moment? On a bad day, some observers and commentators say many bad things about the reason why. On a good day, some say it is because absentees are bored, offended, disillusioned, disappointed, disaffected, hungry, and so on, and so forth. The brave might also suggest that it is often because they cannot stand being around other far from ‘excellent’ Christians.

Final Reflections  |

Look now, for many absent Christians have not forsaken the gathering together of the saints, they are just not gathering together with you. Frankly, there are some churches I would not take my dog to, and many Christians that make me want to cut my wrists, indeed, there are some preachers that are just wasting my precious time when I listen to them. So I don’t. It is the responsibility of preachers to be Biblical, passionate and at least interesting. It is the responsibility of members to be the same, and of course, not just interesting, but intriguing and interested in me. The cultivation of saintly Biblical  excellence is the glue of gatherings. People get stuck on excellence.