TFOTB | | May 05th | Reading 126 of 366 |

BOOK 19 of 66  | Psalms & 47 & 68

Signpost Words | ‘THE FAITHFUL DEAD’

Highlight Verses | Psalms 68:15-18

The mountain of God is like the mountain of Bashan; A mountain of many peaks like the mountain of Bashan. Why do you fume with envy, you mountains of many peaks? This is the mountain which God desires to dwell in; Yes, YAHWEH will dwell in it forever. The chariots of God are twenty thousand, Even thousands of thousands; YAHWEH is among them as in Sinai, in the Holy Place. You have ascended on high, You have led captivity captive; You have received gifts among men, Even from the rebellious, That YAHWEH God might dwell there. (NSB)

Some Observations | 

One commentator rightly says that we can only know the fullness of these verses when we get to heaven. In other words, we shall have to ‘die to know?’ Even so, today's text and the whole of Scripture points clearly to the ministry of innumerable companies of angels. God must love the angels for He made so many of them, and yet, ‘He walked past fallen angels to come and get us.’ After Christ's victorious death on Calvary, He entered below into ‘Abrahams’s Bosom’ taking captivity captive. Dying for sinners, Christ received the keys of death and Hades and thus passed through the portal of the same, delivering all those who died in faith prior to His sacrifice for them, and took them to heaven, in a victorious train, (and it wasn’t Virgin). That portion of Hades called Abraham’s Bosom is now empty. Yes, The ‘underworld’ is now empty of the faithful dead.

Final Reflections  |

The ministry of mighty angels continues, and our exaltation above them is in preparation. We shall judge angels. Future glory beckons. 



BOOK 19 of 66  | Psalms 89 & 96


Highlight Verses | Psalms 96:13

For He is coming, for He is coming to judge the earth. He shall judge the world with righteousness, And the peoples with His truth. (NSB)

Some Observations | 

All things end in judgment and Christ Has been appointed by the Father to judge both men and fallen angels and even bastard spirits. The underworld is empty of the faithful dead, but it is filling up with the unfaithful dead. I now refuse to bury unbelievers. Let the dead bury the dead. Yes, even for a chance to preach the Gospel, my soul can no longer put up with the charade of avoiding the fact that a beloved love one is now lost forever and is held in hot, dark and thirsty captivity, awaiting a judgment which will result in being cast into the lake of fire. There is no hope for the dead outside of Christ.

Final Reflections  |

The devil’s trinitarian legal system remains in operation, that being, one law for the poor, another law for the rich, and none for the elite. Daily, people get away with terrible torture and monstrous murder. Daily, the poor are further ground into the dust. Sin has is mad way among humanity, and some humans become the very personification of sin. Yes, people seem to get away with murder, but it is only for a time. God’s throne is established on judgment and righteousness, and all things end in judgment because if it didn’t God would collapse in on Himself. EVERY thought, word, and deed shall be brought to account. The only safety for we sinners is in the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf, for all things end in judgment. Everything.