hey tribe mates ... hope u are all doing awesome! 

FIRST a thank u for helping me achieve a goal... this morning I will be doing a FB live stream showing what ya helped me get! 

I can tell u but the visual is gonna make u go HMMM?! 

Arduino Uno and Mindwave NeuroSky EEG Headset ... wezzzza movie on up!

I will be creating music with my mind!!!!! literally [pics down in attachments] 

Second::: Second here is a video I made for a song I wrote .. called "The Big Now" 

thirdly ::: I will be streaming some music and video from the walk tonight! 

I am setting up in a new spot and I will be using fruit and my egg/ecg music !!! 

among other jams! [ orange marmalade is on the menu, I am not a fan without the cranberry jam and shot of Stoli! ] so I will be using a jar of jam to make a jam! 

crazy stuff I am gonna be creating ,,  

love u so much my tribe 


 Frank "The RandomBongoguy"