TGoG 114 Sustainable Living with Gürkan Yeniçeri

This week we catch up with Gürkan Yeniçeri, a fellow sustainable living practitioner who lives in Canberra, ACT. For those of you who listen to the Little Green Cheese podcast, you would have heard his cheese making story during episode LGC 04.

Gürkan and I talk about so many different sustainable living subjects during the show that I am going to timestamp them incase you want to skip ahead to a particular section;

Introduction [0:01]

Bee Keeping [2:49]

Mead and Cider [4:07]

Making Chutney [8:40]

Why Gürkan lives sustainably [9:31]

Classes at Canberra Environment Centre [11:09]

No-knead Bread Making [13:45]

Backyard Aquaponics [17:09]

Cheesemaking at home [30:43]

Outro [32:40]

He has done so much with the space he has at hand.

Please thank Gürkan for joining me on the show and sharing all his amazing achievements.

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