Dear Patron,

I just wanted to say thank you for your support and share with you some of our favorite comments we received  in the last 7 days:

"Very few times one comes to a YouTube videos and actually learn something. Your videos are most productive videos on YouTube. Thanks for the knowledge."
nuclearwintercool 92 on Learning with Passion and Enthusiasm

"Thank you very much,I'm going to learn Japenese"
Twilight Fernando on 7 Tips to Learn a New Language

"My teacher shared this video with the class and told us we'd be trying it out for a term. I am SOOO excited to learn like this as I believe it would be a more stimulating learning process that suits me better!"
Shallot Cat on The Flipped Classroom Model

"This has really Inspired me to watch more videos and has made me realize how I need change the way I think. Incredible and easy to watch videos."
Peter Lingi on Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

"I love your channel. Thank you!
Thank you! for all the effort you guys put in."
Cherry Cheri on Learning by Doing

"Great video! i've just learned about this a few days ago in college! it's so accurate and it made me think about my insecurities and why they've stuck with me."
Wanderer of Elantris on 8 Stages of Development by Erik Errikson

"so well explained 😍"
Clara Noor on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

"It helped me a lot!! Thank you very much! I love you're videos!"
bacan stefania on Focused and Diffused Thinking

Here also some facts:

- In April we reached 100,000 subscribers. YEAH :)

- As per today, our videos have been watched over 3 million times, mainly by teens and young adults from India, US, UK, Philippines and Germany. 

- The videos have been translated by our fans over 50 times, covering languages like Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, French, Polish and many more. 

- Our 3 most popular videos are: 13 Study Tips, Feynman Technique, Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

- There are more and more universities and schools from across the worlds who contact us to use them in their classrooms. 

Thank you for making this possible!


ps: If you know someone who also wants to be part of this, dont be shy to share this message.

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