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We really want to thank all of you guys. We've gotten a lot more Patrons than we thought we would, and we're making a commitment to give you guys a lot more content and fun things to show you how much we appreciate your support!
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Access to our Patreon only news feed! See when we'll be attending conventions, vote on our polls (new designs, premades, plushies, etc.), and see our cool blog posts!
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Thank you for supporting CFStudios - every subscription counts! This tier gets you our gratitude and access to our Patron-only newsfeed, and early access to photos and videos! You'll also be funding our unhealthy Starbucks addiction. 
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-Access to WIP photos* 

-10% Etsy store coupon

-Early viewing of premade designs

-All previous rewards

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-20% Etsy store coupon

 -Early access to auction buyouts and adoptable commission slots.

-All previous rewards such as WIPs, early designs, and news feed

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