Taking a moment to say THANK YOU to all the TwistedPhilly Patreon supporters.  Here's how your June contributions helped:  

- Archived articles from Philadelphia papers cost about $2 per article, or a little less when you buy a 10 article pack. Nope, they aren't free and your support helped offset the significant expense of researching MOVE as it happened, accessing so much history from 1972 through 1990.  

- Books and videos.  Again, the contributions you make help me invest in the story, invest in seeing more sides of every story.  

- Months of research.  When I say months I do mean months.  In all I probably spent over 150 hours on the MOVE episoes. That includes significant time on research, preparation, recording, editing (yeah, the editing took about 12 hours for two episodes becuase I'm crazy detailed.)  

Spending that time awake at night,  knowing 40 listneners think this show is good enough to support financially keeps me motivated!  You are a big part of the reason I was able to go as deep as I did in my research for They Let it Burn.  Yes, I have a day job, and that day job covers everything already on the books for home and family.

Web fees, hosting fees, equipment and espeically research expenses add up quickly.  I am so very grateful for your support and if I haven't told you enough..... THANK YOU!