im so tired I can barely type but ....I could defiantly get a HUGE THANK U to come out of my broken vessel .... lol... u all have been doing so much for me...just when I though I had run completely out of steam at the 10 yard line... u come along and lift me up n help me get the final push ... I am truly grateful and revitalized as a Earthling... u trusted me and that my family is all I need to never NEVER GIVE UP! 

u give me the world and may not even realize your power! if I was religious id say Bless U .. if I was spiritual I would say u are a Karmic Vision from another life .... if I had the ability I would do it for you and if ... no more ifs.....I am so honored it is beyond my own understanding.... the way life works... I am just honored to be with u in it! 

~ I LOVE YOU for trusting me and my madness lol... u are all very special folks .

... this is all so much bigger than us .... and we are tapped into universal consciousness acting as one organism one loving compassionate art loving new species of Earthling! 

thank u for being at my side like an unstoppable force of Nature! 

all my humble thanks 

Frank, YOUR artist ...