I know I don't post to Patreon ever, but I thought it was important to thank you all for your continued support. A lot of you have been backing me here for a good few years now, and I just wanted you to know that it is never taken for granted.

With Found Footage, this year has been challenging financially, but through your support I've been able keep my head just about above water - and keep Digi2000 going alongside all the filming. Your Patreon funds continue to mean I can buy review copies - but this year have also helped with Found Footage props and, frankly, paying the bills.

When the dust has settled on Found Footage, I'll be taking a look at Patreon to see if there's a way I can offer some sort of extra value for your continued support.

But in the meantime... once again - thank you. You continue to make an old man happy.


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$1 or more per month
$1 is about 70p in proper money. Obviously, I'd love you to give more - some people are very kindly giving up to $40 per month, a couple give $25, and quite a few give between $5 and $10 - but starting the donations low means that, theoretically, everyone should be able to support my work.

If they like it, natch.

Consider how much you get and enjoy from me every month - and that my output includes videos, articles, funny Twitter posts - and then compare that to a £6.99 games magazine... 

Well, I don't want to put a value on myself... but I hope I'm worth at least 70p.

AND you'll get exclusive access to some stuff for that.

$500 or more per month
That's a lot of money isn't it? Well, it's not meant for the average person on the street. If you back me at this level, you've probably got a business or something - and in return, for every month you back me, I'll slap a banner ad/link at the bottom of EVERY Digitiser2000 article. 

You'll be seen by between 10,000 and 15,000 unique readers every month. Bargain, mate.

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