Thank you all. Because of all your support I just made a significant up grade to my failing technology! My laptop has seen much art work go by and after four years of being there through it all she's gonna retire as a sweet backup for streaming cartoons and holding my clunky Photoshop files. I will be finding a good home for my drawing tablet, as he has some good years left in him, to anyone who is starting out in the digital art world. I will be getting a Cintiq, an amazing piece of technology that so many artists have been using for years. 

Thank you, ugh, Im not tearing up, thank you for making this incredibly possible for me. 

Ah, Im not crying, I just... 

I can't tell you how much I have hated and needing this horrible little drawing tablet that has got to be one of the most unnatural and difficult ways to try to draw. I love technology, and I am over excited to take this huge step into making great art. This is the mother of all level ups.