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Thank You! - Rewards (Reposted)
(Wasn't expecting new Patrons throughout the month right after I made the paid post. So I've deleted that post and uploaded this one so older Patrons don't get double charged, whilst new patrons are able to pay for the rewards. Hope this isn't confusing, thank you!)

Originally Uploaded Oct 12 at 8:36am

The files have finally been uploaded but we may have to wait a bit till they are sent out

If I'm reading Patreon's information correctly, patrons get charged by the start of every month whenever a paid post/s is made and not as soon as I create a post with the little 'charge patrons' box ticked.
I feel kind of like a fool for not reading it earlier but this is how it'll go to my understanding.

  • Patreon will charge you guys at the start of next month after a paid post (like this one) is made 
  • I check my Patron's analytics to verify who has paid
  • You will be receiving rewards as soon as you payment has been verified and submitted.

This is my first post where I tick the little 'charge patrons' box and doing all of this so let me know if there's any problems!

Thank you!

Oh, and here's a lil' OC of mine (and potential brand mascot) to brush up on a style.
The next video might end up being in an anime style but still nothing too concrete, so stay tuned!