Donations fluctuated a bit this month, but we made it to $100! I just wanted to say thanks! I used some funds to buy some sound effects for the last episode, and will probably need to do so again in the near future. Plus, there are some good NPC roles coming up that could use a professional voice actor to really make it immersive. You guys did that! ARE doing that! Seriously, every dollar counts towards improving the show (and not to mention improving lives through Doctors Without Borders. Give yourself a hand for that!)

I'm trying to put the funds to good use, and trying to get episodes out as fast as I can, and you've helped it seem like not so much of an endless uphill trudge. You're helping somebody reach for an impossible dream.

I am forever grateful; more than you know.
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 3 patrons
Thank you!  At this tier you'll get access to new episodes 24 hours before they're released, along with behind-the-scenes tidbits and how the dice rolls influenced the story. You will also have access to the Extended Producers Cuts when episodes run too long for the podcast, allowing you to hear episodes as they are truly intended to be heard.
Includes Discord rewards
$4 or more per month 7 patrons
At $4, you get all of the previous tiers rewards, plus first access to fresh role play sessions that haven't yet been made into Hypercuts.  Spoiler alert!  You'll know exactly what challenges await the team. Also, access to the blooper reel (my favorite part)! 
Includes Discord rewards
Knowledge Bearer
$10 or more per month 5 patrons
At 10$, you get previous tier rewards, plus access to recorded editing sessions, meaning you see everything that goes into creating a hypercut. I'll walk you through the process, thinking out loud the whole time. Spoiler alert!
Includes Discord rewards
$40 or more per month 1 of 25 patrons
This tier is mainly for people who really, really want to see Sonic Realms go places and have the money to spare. I don't have much I can offer to match the value, but you get all previous rewards, plus an hour long, twice-a-month live-chat. Ask questions, trade ideas, hang out, and possibly influence the future of Sonic Realms.
Includes Discord rewards
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