Thanks so much for being my patrons <3 Because of you I was able to get two new lymphedema sleeves this month, as my old ones were beginning to wear out and that's a hazard.

It's really silly that they're not covered by insurance, because insurance will pay for surgery once lymphedema has become a problem, but these garments prevent it from happening in the first place and are a lot cheaper in the long run!

(I wear lymphedema sleeves on my left arm to prevent swelling because some of my lymph nodes in that arm were cancerous and had to be removed; lymph nodes are in charge of distributing the fluid under your skin, and without them you are prone to swelling. My upper arm hurts to be touched and can get inflamed with exercise but these help a TON. Also the plain beige ones are only a little cheaper [by about 10$, and the cost of each sleeve is, on average, $90], and since I have to wear them every day I may as well get pretty ones... I get mine through Lymphedivas.)