Thank you!
Yep thank YOU! Those of you who support me through Patreon, and watch on cheering. Without you, I would NOT be still painting so much!

At times I have wondered (and still do!) if this journey is going to move forward. This last month or two has been some of the hardest months I have ever traveled, financially and emotionally. It has however been teaching me that such times come to refine, to regroup and work out what really is going to help me keep running the life race!

My art certainly is my life saver, and without a doubt more recently my life line and delight. I find myself connecting with the very heart of my soul, and its Creator. More than ever I have a passion to help others know and experience how helpful creativity is to the lifeline of life. 

This latest painting, still to be finished has been sitting on the shelf waiting to be brought to life since November last year. I am pretty sure it will be called "Wisdom". I shall share more of why that is the title soon when the finished work is done. For now I just wanted to say a THANK YOU again, for your support whether it is a 'like' or comment on Facebook, or buying a print or contributing a monthly contribution of $2 or $20. All of it helps me push through and know it is all worth it.  Thank you so much! Keep on cheering me on!

My hope continues to be: that my art can be a catalyst to inspire others to find their purpose and joy in life and live it with a passion unstoppable. The dreams are big, the resource is small, but there is always a way forward!