Thank You!
So as you know, today was payday on Patreon. I'm pretty excited because this is the first amount of anything I have received for working on Dark Flame! So thank you very much to those of you who donated for this cause! 

So how's everything going? I'll tell you...

I've been very busy on the game still (as usual). I've been re-looking at all of the core mechanics of the game. One of the things that I've never been too sure about has been the stamina bar. Since this is essentially a core 'Vania' game, most of the mechanics derive from fast paced action and positioning as opposed to resource management and battle preparation. With that being said, most players will disregard the stamina feature and find it more of a hassle than anything. So yes, I would basically be streamlining the game by taking out this feature. After having this feature in for about a year now, I have been pretty used to it, but I want to make sure that it is actually something that makes the game more fun as opposed to just plain frustrating. So please, let me know what you think on it!

I'm almost done with a new build that will incorporate the absence of the stamina meter (though it's still in the HUD). I also reworked many formulas that exist with the damage, armor, subweapons, and magic. I think the current demo (and previous ones) felt as if the leveling system didn't make much of a difference between the build of your character - so I'm going to expand on that more as well. It will be quite more noticeable to be a INT or AGI build compared to the STR build. 

Thank you again for your patronage! As always, you can comment or leave feedback on this subject! I'm curious as to what you think!