I so appreciate your support! It's been a busy year with interviews. I've done 29 so far! I have a break from them now which I'm sure I will fill with other adventures :)

Have you heard this interview?  I did something very different for this interview. Once everything was set up, I didn't think about it, I didn't plan, I didn't prepare. I committed to show up as the current version of me (to the best of my ability) for the entire interview and channeling.  It made for a different energetic. It's quite a special call.

Here is the host's description:

What a special call filled with high vibrating energy! Veronica

brought so much clarity about uncertainty, why do we feel afraid from it

and how to have a relationship of discovery and excitement with it.

She talked about the power of clarity and how we can make our life

journey an experience of fascination instead of over control. Veronica

also explained how embracing uncertainty and being honest with ourselves

and others is the key to build true and close relationships.


energy Eloheim brought is so deep yet very joyful. They tapped into the

energy of the group and the callers and shared messages that speaks to

so many of us. I love their honesty in communicating with the callers

and the way they make the most uncertain experiences simple and easier

to deal with.

Listen to this exceptional call, and experience the Love and Joy Veronica and Eloheim are here to share with us...

Many Blessings,


PS: Have you signed up for the 2016 Retreat? It's October 2-5 in Sonoma, CA.  Don't miss this powerful opportunity for friendship, support, and transformation!!!